Quid Social for Campaign Strategy Success
Harvey Rañola |
 10/20/20 |
5 min read

quid social campaign strategy

Campaign strategy success hinges on an informed consumer and market understanding and the ability to pivot in real-time when things need to shift. This can only happen when brands are confident of the quality of their insight, and Quid Social offers exactly that.

With so much to consider in the campaign planning process, brands require transparent AI-enabled data intelligence that offers insight around consumer and market conditions. We’ll explore that here, including:

  • Understanding your clients in an authentic way using competitive intelligence
  • Spotting which websites and social platforms potential clients are using and targeting them there
  • Tracking your company’s efforts for future success

And these stats support brands’ need for social media analytics-informed campaign planning:

  • Companies that value customer experience outperform others by 80%.
  • Companies with multi-channel customer engagement strategies experience a 10% YOY growth

Creating a Multi-Dimensional Client Profile with Quid Social

Every company should know their clientele. It’s vital for successful product launches and campaigns. Creating a multi-faceted client profile based on social media analytics and market intelligence will guide your brand by revealing trends and events influencing your customer base. And it can open doors for dissatisfied clients from competitors, increasing your business’ share of voice.

Delivery Hero is one of the fastest growing food delivery businesses. In just one year they have more than doubled their revenue from €687 to €1,459 billion euros.


They credit their fast expansion in Asia as being one of the reasons for this substantial increase.

How did they know where to expand and which consumers to invest in? Our consumer intelligence and market intelligence helps dissect how – and why.

The network map below highlights segments of conversation around Food Delivery. Everything is discussed from the food delivery market to food delivery gift cards:


Selecting our top conversations, we have a timeline showing which trends are driving conversation around food delivery.

All in all, our top 3 categories seem to be holding steady; Tips, Food Delivery and Masks dominate. And we also find that Fried Chicken is a top desired food item.


Each column contains valuable information on consumers and competitors. Clicking on one, we find a consumer is upset about delivery time. And we can see this user’s URL; how many followers they have; and, related keywords. This post is important as it deals with the customer experience (CX), and companies that value customer experience outperform others by 80%.


Once you know what’s trending, you can then sort out the appropriate social media outlets and websites to maximize your consumer connection. And with Quid Social, these social media analytics have never been easier to uncover.

Pinpoint Social Channels & Websites to Target

Social media is a part of everyday life, the average daily social media usage worldwide is 144 minutes per day, per person. And it makes sense to be where your audience is.

Below, we have top conversation categories about supermarkets. Grocery Store Experiences is trending as number one, while Recipes/Trending Food comes in second.


Sainsbury Supermarkets is market intelligence savvy, as they’ve taken the recipe route, and are offering some of their favorites via Instagram. They’re also on Twitter, celebrating cultural diversity:


Being on multiple social platforms is smart, as companies with multi-channel customer engagement strategies experience a 10% YOY growth. This highlights the need for effective social media analytics and market intelligence to pinpoint which media outlets to focus on.

Sainsbury’s knew where to find their audience. Using market intelligence reveals Reddit and Twitter as some of the top places that consumers share their loves and hates related to this vertical:


Posts reveal what’s important to consumers, such as the value of farmers and the work they do:


Going directly to this post with the aid of social media analytics, this user is a potential influencer that grocery stores might want to pay attention to. Sophia Geiger’s potential impressions represent possible customers, and the post has been retweeted 80,760 times.


Influencers can help make a brand. Just think if this person were on your brand’s side, promoting the support of local farmers. It could be category-capturing.

Having influencers and brand advocates are some of the best tools you can have, especially when things aren’t going your way, or when you need to reach consumers you may not otherwise have access to. And you can’t do that without knowing where they are posting, which is why Quid Social is handy for this, as well as for reviewing past projects.

Review Historical Campaign Strategy Acquisition Efforts

Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it – and this goes for business as well. Looking back over successful campaigns and those that fell flat offers crucial learning tips as does identifying what moved consumers and what made them shrink away.

And Renault Automobiles knows how to listen to consumers and trace the line back to consistently improve upon their designs. They recently released their Kwid – an economic and yet stylish automobile option.

Social media analytics helps us press the gas on this new car and experience how it has been received.


Our word cloud offers top emotions expressed by consumers over this new design. And consumers are overwhelmingly huge fans.


Sentiments change however. And, if in the future this company wanted to measure its success, they only need to look to market intelligence for a quick benchmarking review.

Capture Campaign Strategy Benchmarks

Our timeline of conversation shows not only trending topics, but sentiments around Renault over the past year – making it possible for this company to view how their various campaigns or projects are historically received:


For instance, Renault is a leader in electric cars and recently stopped producing gas automobiles in China. Below, we have an article pulled from our timeline above that shows this is looked at favorably by consumers:


However, the utilization of nickel manganese-based batteries over nickel cobalt as it connects to the issue of sustainability is being met with neutrality. That’s something to keep an eye on as time progresses and consumer sentiment shifts. Sustainability is figuring in prominently to our pandemic recovery, as 91% of consumers expect companies to address environmental issues.

And all of this can change rapidly of course. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s to expect the unexpected. Pinpointing how consumers feel over time – and where they’re talking, aids companies looking to stay ahead of the consumer sentiment curve. They can win by creating a baseline to check against for future endeavors. And every business needs a solid baseline, particularly when the goal posts keep moving.

If this sounds like something your company lacks, reach out for a demo and put yourself in the driver’s seat before a competitor drives away with your sales.

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