As with most other areas of technology, aviation is experiencing rapid technological shifts which will alter the future landscape of the industry. To better understand disruption in the world of aviation and on-demand mobility, NASA partnered with Quid to analyze over 30,000 research articles and understand the top technologies in AI and Machine Learning, Human-Machine Interaction, Cybersecurity and Energy.

Innovations in areas such as visual image recognition, cloud services and augmented reality were surfaced as important tech trends which are beginning to converge with on-demand mobility. Researchers found that current electric propulsion limits are a major barrier to on-demand mobility, indicating future projects should focus on propulsion alternatives that can overcome energy storage and propulsion efficiency barriers. Quid helped NASA create a shortlist of top researchers working on these challenges for invitation to a panel discussion to share their ideas with the organization.

Quid presented its co-authored technical paper with NASA, Georgia Tech, and Crowne Consulting on “On-demand Mobility: Innovation and Convergence-Divergence” at the 2019 AIAA Aviation Conference. The full report is available here.

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