With NetBase and Quid merging to deliver next-generation consumer and market intelligence, we wanted to take this as an opportunity to give our influx of new visitors an overview of how more than 200 of the world’s top brands are using Quid’s contextual artificial intelligence (AI) and data visualization to drive better business decisions…

…and if you’re already familiar with Quid, here’s a quick refresher:

News moves fast, and so should you and your team.

Regardless of whether or not the analysis you run is proactive, or in response to what’s trending in the ever-shortening news cycle, expediency and efficiency are key in understanding the factors that are impacting your brand and your business.

With Quid, you can significantly reduce your time to insight through the combination of our platform’s natural language processing technology and access to more than 1 billion indexed news articles, patents in more than 50 jurisdictions, and profile data of 2.1 million public and private companies.

You can also upload your own data set and leverage Quid to generate interactive data visualizations that allow you to organize and extract insights faster.

Here are just a few of our most popular use cases:

Key Opinion Leader (KOL) Identification and Analysis

Easily identify not just just the writers and publications that are covering your brands and topics in-depth, but also the level of engagement, sentiment, and demographic being targeted with Quid’s contextual AI.

In a recent analysis of more than 2,500 articles about e-cigarette regulation, Quid was able to break down the thought leaders in the debate by their stance on the topic, as well as their impact on the discussion through the number of social shares and amount of times their articles were republished.

Competitive Intelligence

Gain a better understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, and see how your share of voice stacks up to the rest of the pack with visual maps that show what people are saying about your brand.

With the conversations around smart assistants persistently popping in and out of news cycles over the last few years, Quid analyzed more than 2,200 articles and identified how a popular television program drove negative sentiment around the topic, as well as the two companies dominating share of voice.

Market Trends

As conversations around your industry evolve, Quid is able to analyze large data sets over time and creates data visualizations that enable you to spot the ebbs and flows of influence from companies, topics and people that are driving the discussion.

An analysis of nearly 3,000 articles about digitalization in the consumer packaged goods industry identified emerging trends trends focused on blockchain, robots and logistics digitalization as topics that grew in popularity over time, as well as the articles that influenced the sentiment and social engagement around these topics.

Content Strategy

Focus time and resources on the topics that matter to your target market the most. Quid’s ability to analyze unstructured data sets from multiple sources drives the engine that creates actionable visualizations showing you what topics are driving engagement and why.

After analyzing nearly 2,000 articles on baby care published over the course of a year, Quid helped identify whitespace opportunities for two major brands that didn’t feature prominently in the most popular topic groups, as well as the breadth or dearth of topic groups that their corporate leaders were associated with.

But Wait…There’s More

That’s just the tip of the iceberg of how Quid’s customers are leveraging our contextual AI platform to drive smarter business decisions.

See how your data can come to life in a recorded group demo, and if you’re ready to see what Quid can do for you, you can request a personalized demo via the form on the recorded demo’s landing page.

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