Quid is proud to have collaborated with Stanford University’s Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute on their comprehensive Artificial Intelligence Index Report for 2019. It examines the state of AI across a wide range of criteria including research activity, technical performance, autonomous systems, and public perception.

Quid software and analysts drove most of their analysis in two areas: investment in AI and public perception of ethical concerns related to the topic.

With investment, we looked at:

  • Dollars invested in private companies (by year, by country, and per capita by company)
  • Number of funded companies (by year, by country)
  • AI sectors receiving the most investment (globally and by region)
  • Dollars involved in AI-related IPOs, investments, mergers and acquisitions

Here is a network view of the AI sectors receiving investment. While 36 different sectors received investment in the past year, the leading segments are data tools, fashion and retail, and oil & gas automation.

In China, we can see that startup companies receiving past-year investment is concentrated in far fewer sectors, primarily oil & gas automation, facial recognition, and edtech.

In the section on public perception, we examined which topics tied to ethics in AI are getting the most coverage – both globally and by country.

Here is a look at which AI topics tied to ethical concerns are receiving the most coverage by country. Countries like the US and UK devote at least some attention to all categories while in China “safety and security” dominates and in South Africa “transparency” is dominant while topics like “human rights” and “human values” receive little to no coverage.

You can read the entire report here or contact us at hi@quid.com to see any of this information in more detail.

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