Ideas power your business. And having unique insight can mean the difference between winning your next pitch or getting left behind by the competition. But how do agencies keep up when reporters and bloggers follow a 24-hour schedule, customers constantly share their thoughts online, and influential voices can make or break a brand with a single tweet?

This staggering amount of data is powerful, if you can harness it, but looming deadlines and other priorities make it impossible to read everything. Increased pressure from clients and competitors—including consultancies who think they know the market better than you—means you need to swing for the fences every time.

Quid surfaces major topics of discussion for any brand, company, person, topic, or industry

Quid helps agencies gain insight by surfacing narratives and information tied to brands, industries, and people. These storylines are hard to spot with internet searches alone and can signal potential opportunities or trouble ahead. Top agencies around the world already rely on Quid to help them win new business, produce quarterly brand reviews, develop new campaigns, and measure the spread and impact of outreach efforts.

  • Brand Perception: See where you brand fits within the broader public narrative around any topic. Learn more about the key issues driving interest and public perception of Airbnb.
  • Voice of the Customer: Analyze customer reviews and forums at scale to measure feedback and sentiment. See how Quid analyzed reviews for five major U.S. airlines to pinpoint issues fueling positive or negative feedback.
  • Cultural Trends: Identify the companies, topics, and people that are gaining influence over time. Quid tracked budding trends in the meditation and mindfulness space, including top companies within the public narrative.
  • Key Opinion Leaders: Discover which people or organizations are having the largest narrative impact. Determine whose voices are the most influential in the public conversation around vaping.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Track competitors’ media footprints relative to your brand. See who is winning on share of voice for top competitors within the smart home assistant industry.
  • Media Relations: Identify relevant journalists to impact how your clients is positioned in the media. Understand the issues and reporters driving coverage at CES 2019.

Agencies are the fastest growing segment of Quid customers. We currently work with more than 50 agencies, including shops across WPP, Omnicom, Publicis, Interpublic, and more. Using Quid, agencies can now craft a smarter, more informed approach by considering all written content available, not just what time allows for. For research teams and planners, Quid Pro helps you dive deep into the data with a number of customizable features and views. For account and new business teams that need fast answers, Quid Apps perform targeted analysis that can easily be repeated.

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