Live Pulse Primaries

Politicians are brands – that much is clear. They aren’t selling services, but each offers a distinct value set that generates an audience response. And this response determines who will be successful and who will go home. That means it’s really important for them to keep the pulse of the primaries, so hopefully they’re reading this post!

Understanding the share of voice each candidate generates, who has the most positive conversation within his/her party and which is “winning” the sentiment war overall is valuable info. We’re offering it freely to candidates (and you) to see how they stack up against other contender in our South Carolina Live Pulse and our Nevada Live Pulse.

What can you expect to learn from each? Politcal command centers, reporters and every day citizens can follow these key indicators including number of mentions, the potential reach the event is generating (via impressions), trending topics, the most recent tweets and where, in the U.S. the most conversation is happening. And we guarantee there will be revelations that surprise you – because there always are. It’s both the beauty and danger of online. And it’s what makes sentiment analysis so important.

Live Pulse 2

These pulses will power the stories you’ll see go up immediately after the event and will provide hard data for those social media conversations happening in real-time. Check them out and let us know if they jibe with what you’re seeing – and if you use our data to power you conversation, tell us about it!

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