As of now, we have had NetBase for about a year, and I can say we wouldn’t be where we are today without it. NetBase has proven itself to be an important learning tool for us, and a crucial “proving” tool for our clients.

The best way we use NetBase, and the way we have learned the most about the tool itself, is in creating dashboards that auto-update for each of our current and potential clients and industries.

I learned fairly quickly that NetBase is an irreplaceable social media monitoring tool for dissecting unfamiliar brands and industries for new business pitches.  My personal favorite tool – which allows us to choose topics to delve deeper into – is sentiment analysis. This is especially valuable when used to explore a brand’s competition.  By comparing different attributes – such as quality, price, accuracy, etc – we are able to identify why people have different kinds of loyalties to some brands and not others.

Predictive abilities a selling point

Our own personal success story is how we were able to use this tool to win a “quick service, fast casual” (QSR) client. NetBase was able to identify what made certain brands have a cult-like following – like In-N-Out – or other kinds of faithfulness. We were able to look at different attributes side by side with brands that we knew were known for specific reasons, and pinpoint just what made them brand popular. We could therefore map out how it is possible to create a cult-like following for our potential QSR brand.  The ability to visualize how people feel towards certain subjects, attributes, and ultimately brands, really caught our clients’ eyes, and in the end helped us to win their hearts.

In addition to social media sentiment analysis, our newest favorite tool is the ability to pinpoint demographics of our audience’s interests and professions.  We can take these attributes and sort or filter them to see each individually and look for patterns – how they speak and present themselves as actual human beings online.  By doing this, we are much better able to show our clients why we chose to take the direction we did.

Our new normal

On top of using NetBase for new business, we use NetBase on a day-to-day basis for all of our current clients.  When we have an advertising campaign in play, we monitor how it is received, or we use it to create monthly status reports to the client.  We also do the same for their competitors, so we can use those campaigns as pseudo test subjects to discover what is the best way, and the worst way in some cases, of talking to our audiences.

We also use the alerts to let us know if something does happen to go wrong.  In the case that this happens, we are able to take immediate action in real time, to figure out what to do.  Sometimes, there isn’t much we can do as advertisers, but it does impress the client that we are able to catch something so fast after an occurrence, allowing them to take action.

All in all, we have been able to convince our clients that we are an essential part of their portfolio, and NetBase has played a big role in establishing our credibility.  We are able to say, “We know what we are talking about, just look at the evidence!” Social media monitoring dashboards create a way to quickly prove our worth, and drive home points without having to say “it is a gut feeling.”

Through NetBase, we can actually show our clients why we are essential, as well as help ourselves really get to know the social space intimately with each and all of our brands.

Ready for your own first-hand experience with NetBase? Contact us for more information!

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