PR Tracking Tools for Brand Performance

It feels like there’s nothing more important for a client than seeing its name mentioned in an article, blog post, or news report some days. And that’s because it packs a lot of brand awareness potential when appropriately placed! But without the right PR tracking tools, agencies and the brands relying on them may miss many earned media opportunities. Let’s help you ensure that doesn’t happen with some top PR tracking tools to guide your efforts.

how brands can avoid a PR crisis

And if you want to boost your earned media efforts, you’ll certainly need some software to manage, and track your PR efforts. New PR software and tools are always available on the market, but it’s not easy to pick up the right one for your business.

NetBase QuidTM offers PR tracking capabilities, along with a host of other consumer and market intelligence monitoring options, of course. Having alerts set to monitor brand mentions in every form, including imagery, offers a unique snapshot of earned coverage. It also captures owned and paid – the trifecta of brand awareness – in dashboards that are client ready, real-time and comprehensive.

But if you want something that’s focused purely and solely on this function, we have five options you can explore below.

1. Muck Rack


Today’s PR professionals don’t have spare time for wrong contact information or outdated software. This is the reason why many well-known companies and organizations use Muck Rack to maximize their brand performance.

Muck Rack provides a great homebase for PR teams to find the perfect journalists that are a match for their pitches. And it comes with team collaboration options and ways to quantify impact. Through this PR software, you can personalize reporter outreach, track metrics, and monitor your organization’s relationship history with every news reporter you contact.

It gives media coverage reports, sentiment analysis, dashboards, and articles. And it shares data through various social media platforms. Muck Rack has an integrated tool that gives real-time PR tracking and trending topics in online news media as well. And it gives you the ability to reuse various pitch templates, so you save valuable time.

2. Releasd

realsedPitching itself as a different kind of PR software made for the modern professional, Releasd

Is “the next generation coverage reporting tool, built to showcase the full breadth of modern PR activities in a concise, visual format that busy clients and executives can quickly absorb.”

It offers a drag and drop functionality with a minimal learning curve, and its demos are impressive. It aggregates everything today’s PR professionnal needs to report back to clients, going beyond showcasing mentions to produce content, manage social, engage influencers, organize events, handle crises and more.

And they offer a live example report to show what you could be sharing with clients!

3. CoverageBook

coveragebookWith CoverageBook, you can collect and display media mentions conveniently. You just need to input the article’s URL or upload offline coverage, and this smart tool will generate a screenshot.

When you go to its main dashboard for PR tracking, you can see combined views, shares, and inbound links, etc. Furthermore, you can get the detailed analysis for individual articles and see their real-time impact.

It also offers a free Google Analytics tool that offers detailed insight into the web-traffic related to PR. It has useful and accurate reports that give an overview on ROI, and the smart automation features can save hours of manual work, resulting in improved productivity.

Best of all, working with CoverageBook is easy.

  • Collect the urls of your mentions.
  • Copy and paste them into your book.
  • Create fancy coverage reports that you can share as pdf or csv.

Though it’s not a media analysis tool, anyone can use it for coverage tracking, thanks to its ready-made elegant templates. CoverageBook offers a 30-day free trial to its users.

4. Radio Guest List

radio-guest-listThis is the HARO of the audio world. By signing up, you can receive email notifications from reporters, podcast hosts and producers who are in search of experts on particular topics.

And how the free email leads service work? If you are an expert PR person, celebrity, musician, or a PR representative, just sign up for their free emails to alert you to free radio show publicity and podcast interviews.

They are always looking for guests each day, and they will email you “Guest Request” interview offers directly to your email box without any hidden cost. Once you receive the email, you can email the producers and hosts to pitch yourself to appear on their programs or shows.

You can increase the chances to get more and better radio and podcast interview opportunities through premium email service.

 5. Augure


Backed by Company Launchmetrics, Augure is a PR cloud-based and influencer tool that offers numerous features and options for PR managers and various kinds of agencies.

Augure has a CRM-type platform to track communications for reporters, email marketing, social media monitoring, as well as PR tracking features for shooting out press releases and follow-ups.

The key features of Augure include, finding key influencers, interacting with an audience, modules for agencies,  internet and social media monitoring, highlighting coverage, managing contacts through the cloud, measuring impact, and sharing content. It does quite a bit!

PR tools in general have become very important these days, especially when it comes to reporting and tracking. Beyond those mentioned here, there are many other PR tracking tools available online, and we can also help you sort out how to identify and track key opinion leaders in a given category – and this is arguably a more viral opportunity for any brand. Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you way that is!

how brands can avoid a PR crisis

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