Harnessing Powerful Personalities to Connect with Consumers

Brands need ways to sway consumer love in their favor. And possibly the most effective way to do this is through influencers marketing. Let’s explore how you can harness these powerful personalities to connect with your consumers on your behalf.

The Power of Influencers Compels Them 

It’s important to be selective when looking for influencers to sell your product or services. Many consumers are hesitant when it comes to influencer promoted products because it can seem like every product is being endorsed in one way or another. So how do brands ensure their campaigns and messaging come across as truly authentic? It depends.

When it comes to influencers, who comes to mind? The Rock? Tom Brady? A Kardashian? This answer varies greatly person to person, but most people are influenced by Ellen Degeneres in one way or another. This can be attributed to the fact that Ellen has built a strong, genuine brand, and her empathy and mission really shows in all the work that she does.

Ellen on Authentically Connecting

This year, Ellen won the Carol Burnett Award at the Golden Globes. During her acceptance speech, Ellen described herself as an open book, allowing her fans to really connect and relate to her through her TV appearances over the last 17 years. This transparency creates connection:


She went on to share that she was influenced herself by Carol Burnett, making the award particularly meaningful. The same connection her fans feel with her today is what she felt with Carol Burnett – and what she sought to emulate. And that is where brands can learn so much – but more on that in a moment.

Ellen wrapped up her acceptance speech speaking to the power of television and the potentially transformative impact it has on audiences. She hopes to have inspired kindness – and by measure of consumer mentions around Ellen as a brand, she has achieved that goal:


This shouldn’t be surprising, as more often than not, influence achieves the desired goal, whatever that may be. But – how?

Irresistible Influencer Campaigns

How can brands create influencer campaigns that consumers will irresistibly be drawn to? It comes down to two very important factors.

  1. Know your audience, both their demographics and psychographics.
  2. Understand your influencer. What is their background? What are they known for? Will your target audience feel a connection with this person?

Are you ready to run an influencer campaign? In light of the Coronavirus, you probably aren’t searching for influencers to sell things, but you should be searching for some to help humanize your brand and connect with concerned consumers. And to share how you’re working to help humanity, assuming you are, as many have made moves to do so.

The process for finding influencers relevant to your brand to create meaningful and impactful campaigns remains the same though. Let’s see how it looks!

How Brands Find Relevant Influencers Using NetBase 

NetBase is a powerful tool that helps brands and agencies identify the following qualities around a potential influencer.


Brands can run an Influencer Identification Report which allows brands to easily identify influencers in one dashboard – folks who may be impacting your brand. It analyzes metrics, demographics and sources:


Creating an Influencer Identification dashboard also allows brands to:

  • Review the Top Influencers by Followers/Visitors
  • View trending terms and hashtags
  • Discover what posts are most engaging and most shared

And this intel is very important, as some people forget that influencers are human, like you and I, and sometimes they make mistakes – some bigger than others. The difference between them and us, though, is that their mistakes are made very, very public. And you don’t want to connect your brand with an influencer prone to making them. Having the ability to sift through years of social data before collaborating in earnest is crucial.

After they’re vetted and you’re ready to move forward, how do you track them to ensure everything stays on the up and up? We have that locked down for you too . . .

Tracking Influencer Conversations to Monitor Engagement

To understand what influencers are talking about and the impact these conversations are having, it’s important to understand key metrics, including:

  • Looking at the overall volume of mentions
  • Using the Passion Intensity tool to understand how passionate people are
  • Measuring the conversation impact by understanding Potential Impressions
  • Knowing the size of your influencer’s audience
  • Using Word Clouds to learn about important topics and key words


Using these tools in tandem with our Channels widget, which allows you to see engagement numbers for multiple channels within a single topic, brands can measure and compare post performance in real-time. And course correct when necessary.


And beyond that, integrate these partnered mentions along with owned and earned insight in our Converged Media dashboard for a full picture of your overall efforts:


NetBase also allows you to integrate this data with other key intel your brand likely has on hand, such as survey data and customer care logs. By combining these metrics, you can develop meaningful, needs-based content that consumers will appreciate, rather than pushing product promos on them, which no one really ever wants, particularly not right now.

Extending your reach and differentiating your brand from the competition is hard – influencers add a layer of credibility and relatability that any brand can benefit from, particularly when facing a crisis. Reach out and we’ll show you how this can look for you right now to help connect with nervous consumers during these trying times.

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