There’s nothing like our annual NetBase LIVE conferences to get you fired up for brand domination over the next year and beyond. If you weren’t able to be there in person, check out tomorrow’s recap of our New York event, and read on for a recap of our time in Los Angeles!

9:00 AM – Let’s get this party started!

Who better to welcome everyone than NetBase CEO Peter Caswell, and COO EVP Product, Bob Ciccone? Speaking to “The Future of NetBase and the Social Media Analytics Market,” Peter and Bob got attendees excited about all that’s new in social analytics, and what trends in technology and strategy mean for brands putting it all into action.

Both humans and canines were all ears

Bob Ciccone also has listeners enthralled

10:00 AM – KEYNOTE: Successes of the Insightful Party Host: Digital and Social Media and the Customer Experience

Karen Kovacs North, Ph.D, Professor of Digital Media, USC Annenberg, made the brilliant analogy of treating social engagement as if you’re hosting a party. Instead of dealing with charts, graphs, data, and statistics she challenged brands to think of considering the needs of their audience as if they were party guests.

She called on the queen of etiquette herself, Emily Post, for guidelines to follow as you engage consumers:

These rules absolutely apply to creating an engaging customer experience. Start by identifying them and where they hang out online, and get to know them. Then define your goals for reaching them, as well as what you want them to do.

She stressed the importance of being in the know as you take action on social – lest you suffer the consequences in a very public forum.

Examples of great engagement that aligned with consumer passions were Mattress Mack’s Hurricane Harvey sanctuary and PewDiePie’s obvious deep understanding of his audience.

For mistakes to learn from she shared Al Gore’s Texas Eagle gaffe, and an incident where Kevin Smith was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight. Clearly the airline didn’t realize Smith’s reach on social media.

Lots of food for thought!

10:45 AM – Break

Time for a little NetBase and chill…

11:00 AM – Discover How T-Mobile Uses Social Data to Inform All Parts Of Their Business

In this popular session, T-Mobile’s Michelle Mattson, Director Social Media Care, and Elizabeth Russell, Senior Manager Social Media Analytics and Reporting, dazzled the crowd with tales of how T-Mobile uses social data to inform their overall brand strategy.

With followers growing from 600K in 2014 to a projected 8M in 2017, and sentiment that vastly exceeds that of other well-known carriers Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint, they certainly know whereof they speak.

Michelle and Elizabeth shared how T-Mobile uses social to create brand fanatics, maintain an early warning system on a number of brand-impacting events, and manage issues and opportunities by routing social conversations to the right people for next steps.

Attendee buzz: “Really good job! Well produced event. I liked hearing how others use the tool. The road-mapping and “behind-the-scenes” look at what’s coming is also beneficial so we can prepare for what’s next. Good job.”

11:25 AM – Audience-First Content Marketing: What it Actually Means, Why it Matters, and How to Leverage it for Your Brand

Among the many buzzwords we hear related to social marketing is the idea of “audience-first content marketing” – but what does that really mean? Laura Goldsmith, VP Strategy and
Michael Fein VP of Strategic Measurement Solutions at Edelman explained in their session.

Citing the boredom of generically targeted campaigns, the two VPs stressed the importance of evolving past demographic and psychographic assumptions and generalizations when creating content for our audiences.

With content overwhelm increasing, personalization is critical to differentiation. What’s more, consumers demand it, feeling frustrated when brands don’t “know” them.

The focus must shift from identifying consumers in groups like Gen X, Moms, Travelers, Gamers, etc. toward identifying the emotional drivers, rational needs, and realms of influence that consumers want addressed.

When you do that you end up with the right content, for the right audience, placed on the right channels. That’s a recipe for success.

12:20 PM – Why Hyundai? Creating Emotional Connections that Drive Brand Affinity

There’s nothing better than hearing how a challenger brand rose up to find success, and that’s exactly what Karen Wong, Manager, Consumer Insights and Jennifer Lim, Manager, Digital & Social Media Marketing for Hyundai shared in their presentation.

By taking a hard look at their past campaigns, and deciding what they wanted to focus on as a brand, Hyundai is crushing their marketing – by simply wanting to be “better.” Better is their mantra, and the word they use to reach their audience by understanding what that means to them.

Their partnership with BuzzFeed, shining a light on young entrepreneurs devoted to feeding the hungry, was huge for them – and simply because they aligned the company’s values with those of their audience.

12:45 PM – Lunch

We were hungry – and inspired to donate our leftovers to those in need. Thanks, Hyundai! It was also a great time to tweet out what we’d learned so far.

Attendee buzz: “Everybody was very friendly and open, and if I had any issues, they were quick to resolve it. Great experience, will definitely attend if you decide to host it again.”

Once fortified, the jam-packed afternoon continued with concurrent sessions and panels, so attendees could choose what they most wanted to learn.

2:10 PM, Track 1 – If You’re Using Social Listening Just For Analytics, You’re Missing Out On 90% Of What Your Tool Can Do

Laura Semple, VP Director of Content Strategy and Andy Nelson, VP Director of Social Media at Conill presented a fantastic case study of client Toyota’s journey to winning over the Hispanic Millennials audience.

The importance of understanding sentiment in the context of mentions was highlighted as they outlined how they used NetBase to learn that this segment of Millennials found Toyotas boring – and what they could do to connect and prove otherwise.

What Hispanic Millennials love is music festivals. Using that knowledge, Toyota partnered with relevant music festivals to put themselves in the path of these young consumers to win them over. Which they did.

2:10 PM, Track 2 – How to Use Artificial Intelligence to Develop the New Marketing Playbook for Brands

Anupam Singh, Founder and President of 113 Industries shared how services are now being commoditized, and the role machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) will play in the future of social analytics – especially on the agency end. The biggest takeaways? Don’t stay rooted in old modalities – or you’ll be disrupted. Make changes based on social data, and find a partner – like IBM Watson – to democratize this formerly elite technology and bring it to your clients. It’s working for 113 Industries.

2:35 PM, Track 1 – NetBase Product Session: How to Put Social Analytics into The Hands of Everyone in Your Organization

The use cases for social analytics don’t end at the marketing department. NetBase Director of Product Marketing, Mike Baglietto, and Director of Product Management, David Ko, explained how to bring the insights gleaned on social into other aspects of your organization – and what you gain when you do. Here are some use case results they shared:

  • Marketing – Taco Bell extended campaign reach by 4X
  • Sales – UMG Nashville increased record sales by 20%
  • Product development – Lassen drove $3.8M in new product sales
  • Operations – One quick-serve chain increased sales by 3%, outpacing the industry
  • Customer care – T-Mobile handles 4X the cases, with improved customer satisfaction

If you’re doubting the merits of social analytics, there’s your proof.

2:35 PM, Track 2 – Getting Real About Social: Combining Social Listening and Real-World Conversation Measurement Reveals the Full Picture of Social Influence

Brad Fay, Chief Commercial Officer at Engagement Labs  reminded us that social metrics alone aren’t enough to inform brand direction. Social word of mouth carries over into real-life, and is often very different. For best accuracy, you need to assess WOM as an online/offline whole – something TotalSocial™ can do, with its 10-year database of offline WOM for more than 500 leading brands. It’s definitely worth finding out if yours is among them.

3:00 PM PANEL, Track 1 – #Nailing Social Customer Care

Our own CMO Paige Leidig led a discussion with T-Mobile Director of Social Media Care Michelle Mattson and Lithium General Manager of Social Media Management Mike Betzer. They focused on how NetBase’s partnership with Lithium – as well as other products – levels up customer care by integrating insights with engagement tools. The more aggregated your data, the better.

3:00 PM PANEL, Track 2 – Getting Under Your Skin – Global Beauty Unmasked

Simultaneously, our friend Candida McCollam, Founder, Localspeak, joined Natalie Marie Byrne, Head of Brand Purpose, Unilever Presitge; Angela Haddad, VR Creative Director, One Third Blue; and Jonathon Burford, Creative Director and Co-Founder, Beautycon Media for a discussion on insights uncovered in the global beauty market. Like beauty, this category’s insights are more than skin deep. A lesson worth remembering as you surface for data you can use.

3:25 PM – Break

Time for another break! There was a lot of great info everyone needed to absorb!

Attendee buzz: “Even as a very new user, it was very helpful to hear how everyone else was using Netbase. I was able to get ideas on how to best incorporate Netbase in our program.”

4:05 PM – Fireside Chat with Dick Clark Productions: Mastering the Art of Monitoring Live Events in Real-Time

You’re unlikely to find a better example of a massive live event than Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve – which is a veritable institution, even without its late namesake at the helm. NetBase Account Manager Laura Kegley moderated the discussion with Dick Clark Productions’ Maddy Mesevage, Sr. Manager, Digital Operations & Partnerships and Alec Ottevanger, Coordinator, Brand Marketing & Digital Strategy. The lesson here? Real-time monitoring matters all the time. Because it’s when you’re not looking that things are most likely to unravel.

4:30 PM, PANEL – Trends in Social – What’s on the Horizon for 2018 and Beyond

We couldn’t end the day without taking a look at what’s coming to the social realm in 2018, so NetBase Account Manager Karen Wade Allen moderated our final panel with Dana Magnuson, Digital Analytics Manager, The Marketing Arm and Dave Paul, Social Media Technology, Vanguard and Chris Inners, Director of Social, OMD to steer us into the proper headspace as we headed back to daily operations of the calendar year’s final quarter, inspired and ready to hit the ground running.

With one last reception to celebrate a successful weekend, chat up new friends, and say goodbye, we wrapped up another amazing year at NetBase LIVE. Our recaps can’t quite capture the feeling of being there, but we hope you find a few strategies to apply here – and that you’ll consider joining us next year!

What session do you most want to hear more about? Reach out and we’ll show you how to use our social listening tools in context!






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