Brands Failing Post-Sale in Latest CX Report

Brands put lots of work in to capturing an increasingly complex consumer base. And they’re experiencing enormous success with strategies informed by next generation AI-powered social analytics. But they’re still failing in a key phase of the CX journey – post-sale.

Why? We explore that and more in our latest 2019 Consumer Experience Analytics Report: North America – and we have a preview of it below!

Consumer Experience Data is Overwhelming

The data available to brands can be overwhelming. There are both structured and unstructured sources to consider, from social channels, review sites, blogs, forums and news – to surveys, CRM intel and other proprietary data captures. And it all needs to be aggregated and analyzed to form a cohesive, overarching consumer snapshot

Our survey respondents, consisting of senior executives from a variety of industries felt their businesses do a good job of capturing all of theis insight. A full 45% of them, in fact! But only 3% of that number “strongly agree” they are doing it well, indicating a significant drop in confidence.

bringing different sources together to inform CX decisions

And with 33% of them unsure or “neutral” about it (above), we see an interesting disconnect begin to emerge.

Although their top business priorities (below) include improving customer satisfaction, many have very little confidence in their ability to capture different data sources to create that super important cohesive view of consumers.

top business priorities for CX data

And that’s because the data is overwhelming . . . when in the hands of the wrong tool. But we’ll loop back to that point in another post! For now, let’s look at why the insight is both necessary and neglected by brands.

Brands Are Failing to Capture All of the Insight

And even when they are (capturing all of the insight), their efforts are falling short. This is because the snapshots they’re creating are not a one and done activity – nor is it just one snapshot that’s required. And a consumer analysis done the wrong way can be exhausting, while likely missing the mark to boot.

This is true because consumers defy neat categorization along traditional measures these days, assuming they ever did categorize neatly at all. They regularly stay in whatever lane you’ve placed them in, and cross-pollinate to affect a variety of segments, or tribes, if you will. Within these tribes there are also subsets based on likes, dislikes and associated needs and wants.

And there are lifestyles to consider, on top of layers of personalized distinctions that can help brands activate or entirely turn off a whole swath of consumers. And this is often done unintentionally, because it’s easy to get caught up in the excitement online can create. Trendjacking is an example of the phenomenon.

Take DiGiorno pizza, for example. They jumped on a domestic violence hashtag and tweeted a response to, #WhyIStayed with, “You had pizza?” Yikes.

trendjacking at its worst

But merely understanding the conversation as it happens in real-time and preventing such a faux pas is not enough either.

Understanding layers of insight available requires the ability to layer your AI. And themes offer that option.

Themes for Deeper CX Understanding

As we see below, the eSports category is on display with a current events theme applied. It offers brands insight around new Hong Kong restrictions for players. And this is intel that will dramatically impact game play for gamers, competitions and ultimately venues.

esports demographics with current event theme applied for CX understanding

The same eSports search with a “creative” theme applied, yields entirely different insight – for entirely different purposes.

Whereas the search above would be for overarching global industry happenings, the search below would help brands explore the voice of the consumer to see what influencers are talking about and which conversations are resonating with target audiences. And importantly – why:

esports audience with creative theme applied for local CX understanding

Getting that overwhelming vibe yet? You should be – as that only scratches the surface of the many ways that brands can slice and dice all of the available social analytics insight.

And many are not.

But let’s focus on those who are, as we do in the report.

CX to Inform Strategy

Many brands are using social analytics tools, like NetBase, to analyze insight and inform strategy. And they’re creating stunning campaigns that enhance brand awareness and increase engagement beyond expectations. Conversions are up and their businesses are flourishing, right?

Not so fast.

In the rush to understand insight and create the best everythings to attract target markets, they’re forgetting a key phase of the consumer journey: retention.

Only 15% of respondents are interested in post-purchase activity.

They’re all consumer-oriented organizations with substantial yearly revenue – businesses that understand the importance of social.  But they’re stuck on a repeat cycle for some reason. This report should help them – and you – hop off that wheel and rethink how you’re managing processes. And particularly, how you’re managing the last stage of the consumer journey.

The report also details the areas of the consumer journey where brands are doing well, along with data sets we see top organizations paying attention to – or neglecting. And it shares examples from top-name brands around:

  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Improving operations
  • Developing new products and services
  • Running more effective marketing campaigns
  • And launching new products

Read the report and then reach out, as you’ll definitely feel inspired to learn more. We’re happy to share impactful use cases to help you along, while demonstrating advanced AI in action!

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