Creating The Perfect Pickle Juice Pitch With Social Listening

Agencies face lots of competition when it comes to winning new business. Next Generation AI-powered social listening offers them the intel to evaluate any niche, master any learning curve, and impress potential clients with the perfect pickle juice pitch.

What’s a Pickle Juice Pitch?

Have you ever met a competitive bicycle rider or triathlete? They mean business, as any focused athlete does. And they have their own sub-culture when it comes to most things, from what to wear – gear to support top performance, to what to eat – food and drink that support peak physical and mental conditioning. Pickle juice is one of those items.

Acting as a superfood items for many, pickle juice is touted for its ability to replenish electrolytes, which are depleted during strenuous – or just extended and continuous – physical exertion. And whether or not you knew this, or buy into its capabilities, is irrelevant – the agency that discovers “pickle juice connections” between a market and a maker, who is able to tease out unlikely connections, has discovered the key to winning more potential client pitches. At least for now, as the unexpected is becoming . . . well – expected!

Unlikely Connections Are Becoming Expected

During a recent webinar, Redefining Audience Strategy Through Social Analytics, Bradley and Montgomery’s Chief Strategy Officer, Gavin Johnson shared the ‘pickle juice powered by social listening’ story (at around the 22 minute mark, if you want to check it out) and so much more, including how:

  • Data can be better leveraged through time to understand positive or negative cultural change and a brand’s relationship to that change
  • Social analytics data can be used to inform development of more relevant KPIs
  • Combining social media data with ethnographic research leads to deeper, iterative insights
  • Visualization tools help translate data into more effective creative team brainstorming
  • Social analytics platforms can be used to refine and redefine segments that are grounded in actions rather than self-reported information

Johnson was using the pickle juice connection as an example of ways that agencies can (and should) be prepared for a client pitch – because discovering unexpected opportunities isn’t just a way to impress potential clients these days, it has become table stakes.

Killing That Learning Curve with Social Listening

How can your agency do the same? First, you’ll want to understand the overarching category conversations happening online. A Brand Analysis will show you that:

Brand analysis screen used for social listening to craft a pickle juice pitch

Who are the brand’s competitors and how are they doing online? You won’t know precisely who they consider their competitors to be, of course. But it’s usually safe to assume ‘most mentioned’ brands are on their radar, even if they’re only aspirational. And being compared against a category hero is an ego boost for the brand, so casting them in that light (within reason) isn’t a bad thing, as long as you show a solid understanding of the space. Social listening is great here. It not only powers your pickle juice narrative, it helps you capture other salient talking points as well.

Capturing the Conversation

A comparison of key metrics against some of their top competitors provides a plethora of ideas to warm up the conversation:

Key competitor metrics to inform a pickle juice pitch

Moving beyond the larger category space, you’ll want to relate things back to the brand specifically, of course. So being prepared to speak to the Top Conversations:

Top conversations found using social listening

As well as Attributes, Emotions and Behaviors expressed online about the brand,

Brand sentiment analysis screens

And also having insight around potential new audiences in different locations – both geographically and digitally. You should understand where their potential customers are active both in the world and domains, forums and social sites where they’re participating. Social listening reveals that as well:

Showing where your audience is located both online and off

Add to that the ability to get granular and share popular posts, links and media that support your pickle juice/social listening analysis! Though, not everything will be ‘unexpected’ and not everything needs to be:

Popular posts links and media to support your pickle juice pitch

. . . all gathered in the last week or an historical view capturing the past 27 months.

Any agency showing up to a pitch without this data when it’s readily available is almost criminal. And surely punishable by not winning the business.

Anticipating the Unexpected With Social Listening

Beyond knowing about the brand in general and what is being said right now, it’s important to demonstrate a more in-depth understanding of the conversation. And to apply some predictive marketing mojo to your bag of tricks.

You can do this with an exciting new offering, AI Studio, the first auto-discovery insights tool in the social listening space. It discovers themes from millions of data points on existing topics in NetBase. It doesn’t require user training and happens in real-time. It’s pretty incredible.

Or you can go another route: It’s easy to capture general conversation around a brand and make minimally-informed guesses, of course. You can just Google search or pop on a social site and look around. If there’s conversation happening about a brand, you’ll see it. But it’s mostly meaningless noise in that format, as you’re not seeing it in context – not without laborious and inexact digging.

And if the conversation isn’t explicitly @mentioning a brand, you’re out of luck. Social listening captures every type of mention, including visual imagery and logos. It leaves nothing to chance. And neither should you.

Other Pickle Juice Options

Back to this pickle juice pitch (powered by social listening), as a handy example. Sure, folks are drinking it for electrolytes, but what if you can find other connections as well? Like people using it to cure hangovers  – or having it as part of their lunch?

Other pickle juice adjacencies out there to discover

Each offers a new marketing opportunity – one to explore more in-depth to see what people are saying and evaluate whether there’s an unmet need. A new way for a brand to stand out.

And that’s the point – there are always more opportunities out there, more ways to differentiate. Yes, even in what feels like a crowded market where everyone is chasing the pickle juice. You need to use the most technologically advanced tool to give you an edge. We know a place.

The perfect pickle juice pitch is something every agency is striving for, of course – or should be. You can bet that brands are evaluating prospective partner agency efforts based on how well they understand the sentiment analysis space. And how adept they are at taking advantage of all that it has to offer. So be sure you do too.

Connect with us for a demo and we can show you ways to differentiate your awesome agency from competitors and create pitches that potential clients can’t ignore!

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