While in my family there is some DNA for physics – my Uncle Joel has a PhD’s in nuclear physics, and my cousin David is a physics teacher (who BTW exclaimed “Hurray! This means we understand 4% of the universe!”) – those genes definitely did not find their way into my body.  So when the news that the Higgs Boson particle had been discovered hit this past week, they could both relate and I am still a bit in the dark. However, the July 7th installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker focused on the social media response to the news, and turns out I wasn’t the only one confused. 16% thought the news went right over their heads, 60% were excited, 7% cracked jokes and 17% made commentary on the Comic Sans font used during the announcement.  As a marketer, I have an acute appreciation for how much the little details matter in a presentation, so I have to laugh at (yet “get”) those who focused on the font  at what is being hailed as a game-changing stride in our understanding of the universe. Check out some of the jokes that also made me laugh below:

Time to capitalise on the LHC results.  Am thinking of starting a range of “when I was your age we didn’t have a Higgs Boson” t shirts.

Higgs Boson walks up to a girl in a bar.  “Do you find me attractive?”

RT @sweden: Scientists are close to proving the existence of the Higgs boson.  That’s incredible.  Then do unicorns, please.

What’d you think of the news? Did you understand it? If so, please leave me some clues in the comments…

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