Pet Influencers’ Promotional Power

Kimberly Surico |
 01/06/20 |
4 min read

Pet Influencers’ Promotional Power

Brands are always on the look-out for new influential partners, and pet influencers certainly fit the bill. They possess lots of promotional power online. But looking beyond the typical cute puppies populating Pinterest and other sites, we see lots of unusual pet influencers cashing in. And brands may want to take a moment to consider an unusual approach in this increasingly crowded global market.

Let’s explore the sentiment around five of them to help you decide!

Making the Case for Pet Promos

In an age where CGI bees are buzzing about online to bring attention to sustainability concerns, creating a pet-positive approach to whatever a brand is touting doesn’t hurt! Unless you’re a furrier, of course.

But, perhaps pets aren’t really applicable to your business model and you can’t see how making some sort of tenuous connection could possibly offer any benefits? Geico would likely disagree:

Gieco gecko as animal influencer

Budweiser too, as its Clydesdales have been attracting crowds since 1933:

Budweiser Clydesdales as animal influencers

And let’s not forget Gidget, the beloved Taco Bell chihuahua – who everyone recognized and associated with the brand:

Gidget the beloved Taco Bell chihuahua as pet influencer

People love animals. Oftentimes more than they love other people. Some even love them more than their spouse. So, it follows that they’d love this fox, hedgehog, monkey, squirrel and pig, right? Let’s see what they’re saying – and why. As not just any pet can reach this level of influence, of course . . .

Pet Influencer #1: Juniper Foxx

Juniper is the happiest fox on Instagram, and its possum friend Fig joins him on adventures in the Outback.

Right now its bio link redirects followers to contribute to help fight the fires raging out of control in their part of the world. And influencers, such as themselves, have been instrumental in spreading awareness of the devastation:

uniper is the happiest fox on Instagram the pet influencer

If your brand has a cause or social effort to promote, animals are great advocates – and often more endearing too. Juniper and Fig have 146k views of their plea for help, which likely converted many thousands of dollars in contributions to support the effort.

Pet Influencer #2: Lionel the Hedgehog

Any brand in need to softening can’t go wrong with a spikey hedgehog.

Lionel the Hedgehog pet influencer

Lionel makes for an interesting – and unexpected – alternative to the traditional pet influencer. Presenting an animal in roles that make little sense (like a pointy animal promoting an air-filled float, for example) is part of the draw, and charm for consumers:

Lionel makes for an interesting – and unexpected - alternative to the traditional pet influencer

Pet Influencer #3: Real Diddy Kong

This little monkey is no joke. He’s posted paid promotions for tiktok and its videos eating different foods with monkey friends racks up views like crazy:

Real Diddy Kong tiktok promotion

Any food items seeking enhanced awareness can expect that – and more – when partnering with a pet. As long as it’s not a slobbering Saint Bernard, tiny pets lapping up something delicious results in extended views – and enhanced awareness.

Pet Influencer #4: Jill the Squirrel

Jill the Squirrel is a “7-year-old Hurricane Isaac rescue. Vegetarian, parkour expert whose only fear is the vacuum. But, she loves every Starbucks napkin she meets.” And she lives a mini life that mirrors her human and sends online into spirals of cuteness spasms:

Jill the squirrel

Much like her owner, she’s apparently social savvy and has done account takeovers for brands on Instagram.

Jill the squirrel social savvy and has done account takeovers for brands on Instagram

That’s definitely a tactic for other brands to consider when discussing a pet influencer option. As long as they’re relevant to your brand and have a solid, engaged following (which is something you need to be checking before considering a partnership with any influencer regardless!) – pet influencer followers are super loyal and marvel at everything these (often tiny) animals do

“Awww, she’s listening to Brand Podcast on teeny tiny earbuds by Brand Z. Do they make those? Where can I find those? What else do they have?” – that could be about you!

Pet Influencer #5: Hamlet the Piggy

Hamlet is a therapy pig that emotionally supports its owner with its cuteness, when its not busy selling merch:

Hamlet the Piggy is a therapy pig and pet influencer

And when it’s not busy being a fashionista with engagement rates other instagrammers have to envy.

Fashion brands would do well to snag some shots with this snout

Fashion brands would do well to snag some shots with this snout, as he’s already attracting quite a target audience in the apparel realm:

Brands could be bringing in the bacon with this little piggy, that’s for sure. So are the rest of these promotional wonders.

And just as each of these unique animals inhabits a different niche, they speak to a mere sampling of the many possible pet/animal influencers available online. Your brand could connect with one that’s yet to hit its stride, but is steadily growing an engaged following. And then you could connect with it just as its influence is about to peak. Finding them and vetting their engagement is the hard part – though we make each easy for brands. Connect for a demo to see!

Or you can watch a competitor in your space sort out a partnership with an elephant sanctuary (for example), and you can be left in its wake. Shoveling the poop, so to speak.

Reach out and we’ll make sure you’re ahead of this and other trends, rather than falling behind it.

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