Seeing pajamas through the eyes of my children reminds me how much I loved them way back when. All four of my little ones are diehard pajama enthusiasts – especially the footie ones, which are adorable.  In fact, they’ve begun a new tradition in our family called “PJ Day” where they stay in them all day, robes and all – sometimes our peace-sign Snuggie even gets some play. Recently, my 4-year-old was invited to a pajama-themed birthday party and was absolutely tickled at the thought of going out in public in PJs and boots. I wonder what her response would be to the recently proposed ban on pajamas in public Louisiana from a county commissioner in Louisiana…and it turns out that the January 21st installment of the Wall Street Journal Sentiment Tracker was wondering about the response to the legislation as well. Powered by NetBase, this week’s ST looked at the social media reaction on Twitter and Facebook to all things pajama, and found that almost 42% of social media users think it is simply unacceptable to wear pajamas out in public (I better tell my daughter her days of pjs outside are numbered…). I couldn’t get over some of the verbatim; some of these people are riled up!Check out some gems below:

Oh my they are trying to ban people from wearing PJ’s in public! Finally thank God that is really tacky!

A town in Louisiana is trying to ban wearing pj pants out in public!!!! That’s an amazing ban!

I really dislike people wearing pajamas to school, like save that for your house..

Where do you fall? Public PJs as social taboo or no big deal? Drop me a line and let me know!

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