MoviePass Envisions Consumers Returning to Theaters in 2022 

As consumers slowly make their way back to events and around large numbers of people, theaters are throwing open their doors in hopes of a comeback – and they may have a solid assist from an unlikely source: MoviePass. The once bankrupt business envisions...

Red Lobster Netnography

Red Lobster wants to be known for its high-quality, fresh seafood. But that’s not happening, judging from the sound bites in our netnography. Many people do like the food—it’s worth noting that the biscuits got more positive feedback than the seafood—yet many others...

Bing Netnography

Bing advertises itself as a “decision engine” rather than a search engine and claims to help users avoid “search overload syndrome.” Online consumers didn’t comment on that, but they do like Bing’s great home page photos and funny commercials (for the most part). On...

How to Spot Trends

Trend spotting is something I've often heard researchers say they want to do. In fact, if you're a futurist or a practitioner of the Lead User method, then trend spotting is a necessary part of what you do. I've got a few ideas for how to spot trends that leverage...

Applebee’s Netnography

To write this netnography, we analyzed thousands of posts from consumers about Applebee’s and identified the top positive and negative themes. The large-scale analysis is performed by a natural language processing (NLP) engine, then refined by human sampling....

Olive Garden Netnography

Olive Garden commercials show family members having a great time—in fact, too great a time—at the restaurant. The Cousins commercial in particular annoys consumers. While the commercials do feature food as well—which is the biggest positive for the restaurant—the...

Brace Yourself

Nothing makes a new CEO feel more welcome than embracing his clothing preferences. That’s why CTO Mark Bowles and our staff declared Friday, April 29 to be “Braces Day” at NetBase in honor of our new CEO, Peter Caswell, and his habit of wearing what we call...

Toblerone Netnography

Toblerone chocolate is well-known for its distinctive packaging and its prism shape (triangular prism or pentahedron). For you trivia buffs, here’s a tidbit: People think the triangular shape of the Matterhorn in the Swiss Alps is what gave Theodor Tobler his...

Lindt Netnography

Lindt, actually Lindt & Sprüngli, is a Swiss chocolate maker founded in 1845. The company makes premium quality chocolate, offering a large selection of products in more than 100 countries around the world. Sometimes the taste of their high-cacao-content bars is a...

Red Robin Netnography

Personally, I love Red Robin but wish they were easier to find. I saw a lot of them in southern California but they’re harder to find around here. Their burgers are really hot and juicy. I love the basket of fries, but a story I’m told by my grandma is that as a kid I...

VIZIO Netnography

I’m thinking of getting a new HDTV, so this is the first in a series of netnographies on TV brands. I currently have a Sharp Aquos and I hate that the dark colors in dark movies like Harry Potter are so dark you can’t make anything out. I may as well just listen to...

WebEx Netnography

Sometimes I spend a good portion of my day on WebEx. I’ve met some of the staff at Cisco and when they pass control of the meeting to another participant they say they’re “passing the ball,” because the WebEx icon looks like a ball. According to the Cisco WebEx...

Bobby Flay Netnography

First Martha, then Wolfgang, now Bobby Flay. This is the third installment of our Celebrity Chef series. As with the other two, Bobby Flay does more than one thing. He’s the owner and creative force behind several restaurants—Mesa Grill, Bolo Restaurant & Bar, Bobby...

Wolfgang Puck Netnography

Like Martha Stewart, Wolfgang Puck is a conglomerate. He’s an award-winning chef, but also a restaurateur, cookbook author, newspaper columnist, TV personality, and purveyor of a line of branded consumer products and housewares. According to his website, “Central to...

Martha Stewart Netnography

Where to begin with Martha Stewart, “Queen of All Things Domestic”? She’s a person, of course, but she’s also a brand. She’s been a model, stockbroker, caterer, author and TV and radio personality, and is the founder of the multimedia and merchandising empire called...

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