Identify Consumer Drivers Hiding in Your Data Pool

Consumer drivers, the emotions and behaviors that signal consumers’ intent to buy, can feel like elusive creatures some days. But what if what you’re looking for is right there within your own data pool? Often, all it takes is running the dataset that you already have...
Social Listening: Was, Warum & Wie 

Social Listening: Was, Warum & Wie 

Wenn Ihre Marke bereit ist, das Social Listening-Tool zu nutzen, um "soziale Erkenntnisse" zu erfassen und damit zu beginnen, genaue und umsetzbare Einblicke in ihre Strategie zu implementieren, haben Sie einen großartigen Ort gefunden, um zu beginnen! Wir verraten...

Social Listening: Was, Warum & Wie 

Écoute sociale : Quoi, Pourquoi et Comment

Lorsque votre marque est prête à utiliser son outil d'écoute sociale pour capturer des "informations sociales" et commencer à mettre en œuvre des informations précises et exploitables dans sa stratégie, vous aurez trouvé un excellent point de départ ! Nous partageons...

Top Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022

Top Sentiment Analysis Tools in 2022

As we head into the new year, it’s never been more important to keep an eye on consumer sentiment.  Understanding the sentiments driving consumer posts and purchasing decisions will be crucial as brands rethink their marketing strategies in 2022 – and we have some...

The Complete Consumer Behavior Analysis Guide

The Complete Consumer Behavior Analysis Guide

  Consumer behavior is a mystery at best sometimes, however savvy brands globally are harnessing the power of consumer behavior analysis to guide them in complex decision making. More specifically, they tend to focus on: Filling Knowledge Gaps Identifying Emerging...

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