Consumer Cravings Guide Quick Serve Menu Offerings

It's a hard knock life for every category these days, but those on top of their social media listening game are faring much better than others. For example, we see savvy quick serve establishments creating menu offerings that are precisely what consumers crave. Let's...

A Visual Representation of Brand Preference, Part 2

My previous post on our prototype for mapping the PreferenceSphere showed preference data for social networking sites expressed as a 2x2 graph, which I said was derived from a directional graph. Here’s that underlying graph. DISCLAIMER: There are many duplicates in...

Lenses for Netnography

Online researchers are beginning to see the value of replacing focus groups and questionnaires with netnography, which is the online version of traditional ethnography. ConsumerBase is a valuable tool for a key element of netnographic research—namely, discovering...

A Visual Representation of Brand Preference

Do consumers prefer your brand over Brand X? By how much? And why? And do they prefer it over brands Y and Z? Until now, there hasn’t been a fast, accurate, transparent way to find answers to those questions and communicate the findings in a visual, easy-to-grasp...

You Can’t Read It All

“Do I need a tool to do netnography? Why can’t I simply read all the relevant blogs and forums on the question I’m researching?” If you’re a researcher doing netnography for the first time, that might seem like a sensible approach. Well, you could do it yourself—if...

Houston, We’ve Had a Problem

"Houston, We’ve Had a Problem"--That’s what Apollo 13 astronaut Jack Swigert famously said to Mission Control on April 13, 1970. It’s dramatic, but as a description of a problem, it’s not very useful. If I had been in Houston, I would have been like "okaaaay, what is...

Does “Sentiment Stink?”

It does according to a post on Vigetengage by former staffer Jen Krupey. In a section of her post entitled "Sentiment Stinks," Jen wrote that, "Overarching consensus was that no tool does a 'great' job getting sentiment right. Human review is still needed. But that...

Marrying Consumer and Technical Insights

The original vision for NetBase was this: Create a tool that makes it possible to harvest insights from the web about people’s unmet needs, then match those needs with new technologies that could be productized to meet them. For me, that’s the definition of an...

Sentiment Analysis and Social Media Understanding

More and more companies today are looking at the sentiment consumers are voicing about their brands in online forums, blogs, microblogs, etc.  There’s good reason for this as it has been shown that positive and negative word of mouth correlates with growth. ...

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