NetBase Quid’s 7th Annual Top-Loved Global Brands List!

Understanding consumer emotion is at the top of every brands’ “must understand” list – and if it’s not it should be! The global brands in this report have the pulse of consumers in their respective industries and it shows. For the seventh year in a row, we’re excited...

The Secret of Brand Growth: Brand Visualizations Unveiled

In this preview of The Secret of Brand Growth: Brand Visualizations Unveiled, Benjamin Schoderer Digital Manager at YUM! Brands Int'l Africa takes us through how NetBase visualization helped Brand Growth for KFC South Africa. View the full webinar and lean more about...

What Marketers Need to Know About Tinder Part 2

What Marketers Need to Know About Tinder Part 2

Gender Analysis Analyzing a dating app, one of the most important things we can investigate is the question of gender. After all, what good is a dating app for straight people if it’s either all guys or all girls? One would think there’d be a need for a balanced...

What All Marketers Should Know About Tinder

Returning to the dating scene after a long hiatus, I’m surprised to learn about the new apps out there for meeting people. I thought it would be interesting to see what I’m getting myself into with the likes of Tinder by analyzing what people say about the service in...

Love to Hate? – Breaking Down the VMAs

Whether you follow pop music or not, MTV’s Video Music Awards has a little something for everyone – from the inspiring to the laughable, and every emotion in between. But how would those emotions translate into social data? We wanted to know so we ran our LivePulse...

What Social Listening Really Is

Social Listening: not the most glamorous of marketing buzzwords but an important one nonetheless. The rise in demand for measurable ROI for social media has produced the need for a more effective and meaningful approach to social media strategy. The practice of simply...

Planning Ahead for SXSW: Tips You Need to Know

If you’ve never attended SXSW, the annual festival/conference held every March in Austin TX, you’ve likely heard of it. If you somehow haven’t, it’s THE place to be for creators and fans of music, film, and technology to see what’s new, hear from the brightest minds...

VMAs Pulsing Live At NetBase!

Got plans for Sunday, August 30 at 9/8 CST? Of course you do. You will be watching MTV Video Music Awards. More importantly, you’ll want to tune into NetBases’s LIVE Pulse™ during the broadcast and spend the evening with me watching the net sentiment as it...

What Retail Marketers Should Know About Dorms

Back to school can be one of the most fun times in social media since the demographic of publicly accessible sites such as Tumblr and Twitter skew young. Taking a look at kids going off to college, I was curious what they had to say about their dorms. Here’s an...

Understanding Beliebers: Word2Vec + Twitter

Do you know what an “Arianator” is? Even if you have never seen the term before, you can intuit its meaning when it occurs alongside another word used in a similar way. Here is “Arianator” used in the same context as “Belieber”: Arianators are the best fandom!!! We...

A Quick Glance Inside the NetBase Analytic Platform

Over the years, the NetBase Platform team has solved many interesting, yet challenging, problems and built a powerful analytic platform that is capable of analyzing hundreds of millions of documents per day with near real-time latency. Here is a quick look at a few...

Why Visualization Matters for the CMO

Can boardrooms afford to look the other way on social? The answer to the question is a resounding NO. There’s more opportunity than ever before to access, distill and visualize social information in a way that helps executives mitigate risk, sustain positive brand...

The Best Infographic Ideas and Topics

Are you looking to increase visitors to your website, gain awareness of your brand and generate engagement with your audience? Consider turning toward a content marketing strategy. Why? Content marketing is well intertwined in the SEO landscape today – with quality...

How to Source New Product Ideas Using Social Listening

Because sourcing ideas for new products and services falls under the innovation umbrella, some companies may look at it as something that happens off in a Research & Development silo, where social media doesn’t apply – but nothing could be further from the truth....

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