Social Mood Can Make or Break Customer Care

Customer care is all about leveraging consumer interactions into emotional connections with your brand. And these relational ties are more important than ever – especially among the younger generations. The social mood can make or break customer care, so it’s...
Introducing the Data You Can SEE Suite

Introducing the Data You Can SEE Suite

Our NetBase LIVE Pulse™ dashboard has always offered the opportunity to monitor brand, campaign, category and competitor performance in real-time while tracking emerging trend information that can alert brands to a crisis brewing; but now, we’ve added two new...

4 Ways to Win With NetBase LIVE Pulse™ Mashup

We’re excited to introduce the latest addition in the LIVE Pulse suite -- NetBase LIVE Pulse Mashup. Previously, NetBase customers already had access to LIVE Pulses with real-time accurate social information for Brand (brand health), Leader Board (most engaging...

NetBase Joins Twitter Official Partner Program

NetBase Joins Twitter Official Partner Program

We are excited to announce today that NetBase is now Twitter Official Partner. The Twitter Official Partner Program is open to select, leading B2B product and service providers to make the platform even more useful to business. This partnership is a huge validation of...

Brand Passion and Banking

Brand Passion and Banking

Banking. Passion. While these two terms seem unlikely bedfellows, if you view them together within a social media context they go hand in hand – because social media analysis is tantamount to useless without accounting for consumer emotion. Here’s why measuring...

Why Its So Important for Marketers to Monitor Tumblr

Why Its So Important for Marketers to Monitor Tumblr

Will Smith or Nick Jonas? That’s not a typical “would you rather” question but an example of two different discussions happening on two different parts of the social web. As a marketer, if you’re not monitoring multiple social networks you could be missing out on...

Conversation Mining Complexities – Why It’s Harder Than Ever

Conversation Mining Complexities – Why It’s Harder Than Ever

For all that social media has going for it – and there’s a lot – finding ways to gather the overwhelming amount of data available to marketers, and then leverage it in ways that actually make a difference, is no easy task. Audience targeting (that’s scalable) requires...

How Targeting is Becoming Predictive & Ways Sentiment Can Help

Social media has come a long way. In the past decade, the way enterprises have used it has transitioned from a “let’s try it” sort of dabbling approach, to appointing social media teams to manage a consistent social marketing presence, and now… a shift is happening...

Branded Content Taking Off On Tumblr

The desire to capture the Millennials market is bringing brands to Tumblr – a strange but popular social land where shiny, different, funny and pop culture content rules, and is shared far and wide. While many brands have been slow to embrace Tumblr as a priority...

The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Social Listening Campaigns

Brands today have everything in the way of advantages over brands of the past. Marketing insights that used to cost a fortune in time and effort to gather via surveys and focus groups are now readily available on social media. All marketers need to know is which...

Social Media Data Ranks Top 100 Most-Loved Brands

We know that consumer purchases are won on emotion and that certain brands are especially skilled at creating the kind of passion that drives sales and sustains businesses. But who are the real leaders? The recent NetBase Brand Passion Report ranks the most-loved...

4 Ways Brands Can Gain Fans and Increase KPIs on Tumblr

On May 8th NetBase customers will have full access to Tumblr data. As part of our pre-release, we’re taking a look at four ways leading brands in different industries are successfully marketing on Tumblr’s diverse platform. With over 230M blogs and 80M new posts every...

NetBase Customers, you are not affected by Twitter news

Twitter recently announced it's ending its agreements with Third Party data providers in order to pursue a strategy of building more direct relationships. We wish to reassure our great customers and partners that this does not affect your NetBase services in any way....

American Airlines Changes Its Tune for Passengers

American Airlines Changes Its Tune for Passengers

The Internet is full of complainers – just check the comment thread of pretty much anything for confirmation of this fun fact (and don’t feed the trolls) – but when you’re a major brand, complaints, especially those that arrive in the moment via social media, offer a...

Investors Agree: NetBase Rules Social Listening

Investors Agree: NetBase Rules Social Listening

Part of what drives us at NetBase is a passion for connection – between brands and consumers, between clients and us, between now and the future. Our social listening platform is award-winning because of the depth of connection it allows for those who use it. We know...

No Butts About It, Toilet Paper Could Save Twitter

No Butts About It, Toilet Paper Could Save Twitter

Twitter is a weird place. The land of breaking news and other fantastically relevant information is one where most participants don’t actually participate, and merely stop by to read what’s happening. This needs to change for Twitter’s sake (from an advertising...

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