Social Mood Can Make or Break Customer Care

Customer care is all about leveraging consumer interactions into emotional connections with your brand. And these relational ties are more important than ever – especially among the younger generations. The social mood can make or break customer care, so it’s...

Understanding Beliebers: Word2Vec + Twitter

Do you know what an “Arianator” is? Even if you have never seen the term before, you can intuit its meaning when it occurs alongside another word used in a similar way. Here is “Arianator” used in the same context as “Belieber”: Arianators are the best fandom!!! We...

A Quick Glance Inside the NetBase Analytic Platform

Over the years, the NetBase Platform team has solved many interesting, yet challenging, problems and built a powerful analytic platform that is capable of analyzing hundreds of millions of documents per day with near real-time latency. Here is a quick look at a few...

Why Visualization Matters for the CMO

Can boardrooms afford to look the other way on social? The answer to the question is a resounding NO. There’s more opportunity than ever before to access, distill and visualize social information in a way that helps executives mitigate risk, sustain positive brand...

The Best Infographic Ideas and Topics

Are you looking to increase visitors to your website, gain awareness of your brand and generate engagement with your audience? Consider turning toward a content marketing strategy. Why? Content marketing is well intertwined in the SEO landscape today – with quality...

How to Source New Product Ideas Using Social Listening

Because sourcing ideas for new products and services falls under the innovation umbrella, some companies may look at it as something that happens off in a Research & Development silo, where social media doesn’t apply – but nothing could be further from the truth....

Porting Grammars for Sentiment Analysis

Porting Grammars for Sentiment Analysis

Customers started requesting sentiment analysis and other Natural Language Processing (NLP) functionality for Dutch approximately two years ago. But back then, we were still quite busy developing our NLP functionality for German, Spanish, and other major languages, so...

Why Customer Reviews Matter: A NetBase Customer Exclusive

People are always more apt to use a product or service that comes highly recommended from a trusted source – and our software is no exception. Customer reviews placed on the right websites can be highly influential toward bringing new clients to your site, and, in our...

Be the First to Know With Any Mention Alerts

As Social Media has begun impacting departments outside of marketing, it is crucial to be the first to know what’s being said about your brand online. NetBase is now proud to offer Any Mention Alerts; an alerting capability that allows our customers to know when a...

Whither New York Fashion Week Men’s?

After spending a decade in the wings of women’s Fashion Week, NYFW: Men’s recently hosted its own singular event.  Long overshadowed—and equally overdue by some accounts—by the high profile pomp of annual seasonal global women’s catwalks, men’s collections, and their...

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