The Best Social Media Monitoring Guide for Brands

There are endless conversations happening in your category online – right now. And your brand may or may not be mentioned in them, but that doesn’t make these conversations any less relevant. Let’s see what you can learn from them, and why they...
Eye of the Needle – Met Gala 2016

Eye of the Needle – Met Gala 2016

You probably heard that Dior is having a tough time finding a creative director to replace Raf Simmons, who left the French heritage couture house last year after only three years. As designer burnout takes its toll in luxury fashion (last year saw a big shuffle),...

Trends in VR Advertising: Part 3

Trends in VR Advertising: Part 3

In Part 1 and Part 2 of this blog series, PETROL’s Social Media and Research teams surfaced data about the state of Virtual Reality, utilizing the Netbase Social Analytics platform.  PETROL utilized Netbase to analyze social media channels, websites, forums, Tumblr,...

Trends in VR Advertising: Part 2

Trends in VR Advertising: Part 2

This article is part 2 of a 3 part series. View part 1 for an overview of our research. Virtual Reality is now reality. With hundreds of millions of dollars invested in VR technology and content to date, venture capitalists and heavyweight backers like Sony, Disney,...

Customer Service Goes Public

Customer Service Goes Public

It used to be an advertiser's world. Newspapers, magazines, radio, and television shows were but mere vehicles for the advertisers paying the bills. Soap operas derived their very name from the commercials featured during broadcast. Where are the soap operas now? But...

Trends in VR Advertising: Part 1

Trends in VR Advertising: Part 1

Introduction Imagine being able to sit in an F16 fighter jet as you go on a reconnaissance mission, or explore the cosmos without a space suit, take a walk through Ancient Rome, or sit on the 50-yard line at your favorite team’s Sunday game. Now, imagine a single...

What’s Your Social Media Competitive IQ?

What’s Your Social Media Competitive IQ?

Social media monitoring tools not only inform brands about consumers, but they enhance growth and stimulate improvement by teaching about where competitors have gone wrong and what they’re doing right. So what, exactly, can you learn from the competition on social?...

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