Why Consumer Loyalty Still Matters in 2021

Consumers are incredibly fickle these days, with loyalty that seems to shift with little warning. Are consumers loyal to brands anymore and is it something businesses should strive to attain going forward? Consumer loyalty has become the golden ring for marketers, and...
Listening for What Moves the MENA Audience

Listening for What Moves the MENA Audience

2020 was a year of learning and disruption for all of us. Retail businesses had to learn a new way to reach consumers. The Food & Beverage industry had to find a way to do without dine-in. The Tourism industry figured out virtual tours. Pretty much everyone jumped...

How to Conduct a Customer Analysis

How to Conduct a Customer Analysis

Brands hoping to create effective marketing strategies need to conduct – and consistently refresh – a robust customer analysis. And in this post, we’ll show you how that looks! Sportfishing doesn’t entail just walking up to an unfamiliar body of water and throwing a...

CBD Consumers Defy Age Assumptions

CBD Consumers Defy Age Assumptions

CBD is the ingredient of the month right now – the year, in fact. Wherever you look, CBD-infused items are popping up. The opportunities for food and beverage businesses in the CBD realm are incredible, and there are key audiences they’ll want to pay to close...

How to Create a Subreddit in 5 Easy Steps

How to Create a Subreddit in 5 Easy Steps

When it comes to social media, everyone seems to be on Instagram or Facebook. However, Reddit is growing quickly. With 330 million active daily users, becoming active there is essential, and knowing how to create a subreddit is as well! We’ll explore how to do that...

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