Creating Patient-centric Solutions to Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare Providers are recognizing the need to boost patient-centricity and are increasingly turning to digital and social media to create these offerings. And we’re going to show you why this is so essential, along with tips to help inspire your own patient-centric...
A Guide to Sentiment Analysis

A Guide to Sentiment Analysis

Consumer emotions are the deciding factor when it comes time to make a purchase, making sentiment analysis critical for your brand to read between the lines and target consumer emotions effectively,. Let's see how it looks and ways your brand can get in on the action!...

Advanced Consumer Trends Analytics

Advanced Consumer Trends Analytics

Being aware of industry trends is crucial for any business. It allows brands to take advantage of available opportunities as well as avoid potential threats. And advanced consumer trend analytics makes all difference here, as trends move fast - and not all of them are...

20 Top Social Media Measurement Tools for 2022

20 Top Social Media Measurement Tools for 2022

Social media continues to permeate every aspect of this life it seems, and this includes business. Your brand is being talked about online via Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and anywhere else consumers are interacting – and you need to know what consumers are saying and...

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