Creating Patient-centric Solutions to Healthcare Challenges

Healthcare Providers are recognizing the need to boost patient-centricity and are increasingly turning to digital and social media to create these offerings. And we’re going to show you why this is so essential, along with tips to help inspire your own patient-centric...
What is Social Campaign Analysis?

What is Social Campaign Analysis?

The ability to track and measure campaign performance is as important as the campaign itself. But how do you effectively measure the success or failure of campaigns run across various channels, using various mediums, as today’s marketing campaigns often are? The best...

Social Media Audit-Tools & kostenlose Vorlage

Social Media Audit-Tools & kostenlose Vorlage

Während wir uns dem Jahresende nähern, ist es Zeit, ein Social Media Audit durchzuführen! Dies ist eine großartige Möglichkeit, um Benchmarks für 2020 als Vergleichswerte zu erschaffen, und etwas, in das jede Marke Zeit investieren muss. Es ist unglaublich wichtig, zu...

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