Monitoring brand imagery and product name perception has always been important, but now it’s crucial. Here’s how a few CPG giants are making moves to reimagine their outdated brand imagery to recapture the hearts of today’s consumers.

What’s in an image? Everything. And a good number of brands know this but are relearning the lesson in a hard way right now. We’ll explore the good, bad and best of brand monitoring here (as the “ugly” is covered endlessly anyway), offering insight around:

  • Reading the room when it comes to your brands logo/imagery
  • Sustainability goes beyond green – Thinking about the longevity of brand health
  • Logo spotting outside of what you can see and advanced AI image analytics

And these brand imagery/consumer perception stats should pique your interest:

  • 64% of consumers cite shared values as the primary reason they have a relationship with a brand.
  • 52% of consumers expect brands to know when the right moments are to communicate.
  • There are 1 M news articles published every 24 hours, brand health monitoring has never been more important.
  • 61% of consumers feel that too many brands are using societal issues as a marketing ploy.


Rethinking Outdated Imagery 

After 131 Years, PepsiCo is dropping Aunt Jemima.

Amid outcry, PepsiCo, parent company of Quaker Foods, acknowledged the Aunt Jemima brand’s logo is based on a racial stereotype and will work for a new and progressive look. And they aren’t the only ones, Uncle Ben’s will be changing their look as well, and Land O’Lakes, ahead of the crowd, already did so in February. And with news breaking around this topic every day, we also see Eskimo Pie making a move to rename their offerings to something more appropriate.

Presently the conversation around brand perception is large, with categories ranging from Efficient Brand Marketing to Land O’Lakes Logo Change.


And here in the traction chart, we see that logo changes are a popular topic with Quaker Oats and Land O’ Lakes both garnering their fair share of mentions.


Brand perception is everything, especially as many are navigating choppy waters, this timeline is telling. New Brand Logo is taking the cake for June, and top of the conversation is Aunt Jemima.


With 1.1M articles posted every 24 hours, brands would be wise to pay attention. Fifty-two percent of consumers expect a brand to be able to communicate according to the times, this includes imagery. However, it took an uprising for America’s sweetheart companies to see that their logos were no longer wanted, and now they are feeling the heat via news articles….


And from consumers speaking out on social media platforms …


The People Have Spoken

Perhaps if PepsiCo would’ve had the right social analytics to read the room, they may have been able to adapt and change sooner, avoiding the repercussions that are happening now. Our behavior word cloud shows words linked to our consumers behaviors with ban and remove in big red letters.


It’s an angry crowd that is ready to pounce, which is why market research and social listening are crucial when it comes to identifying consumer sentiment shifts ahead of something happening in the market.

One brand sensed a shift and acted quickly….but will it be enough?


Shifting for Sustainability

Land O’ Lakes proactively removed their “Maiden of The Lakes” in February as a “symbolic gesture”, replacing it with “Farmer Owned.” For the other brands, it came down to what they wanted their logo to communicate, sustainable farming.

With brands ditching logos, consumers are questioning reasoning. When given the opportunity to speak about their reason for a logo change, Land O’Lakes CEO Beth Ford said “We don’t want folks to misunderstand that someone was pressuring [us],” and that their focus was sustainable farming. However, their choice of words, or lack of acknowledging outdated imagery may be viewed as diversity dismissal.

Looking at social analytics, we see what consumers are saying.


As consumers are conviction-driven and choose, avoid, or switch products based on the brand’s stance on societal issues, brands need to tap into consumer thought. 64% of consumers in 2018-19 say that shared values are the principal reason they chose one brand over another.

And they want more than lip service. 61% of consumers feel that too many brands are using societal issues as a marketing ploy. They want action.

The sentiment wheel shows us the nitty-gritty, from the positive to the large amount of negative. Each word can be clicked on to expand insights into the consumer.


Perhaps thanks to consumer listening, Quaker Oats is taking action. It is donating $5 million over the next 5 years to support black communities. And Land O’Lakes began by having listening sessions with their POC employees to help educate the company on where to start.

And even if you are crossing every ‘T’ and dotting every “I,” being proactive instead of reactive is important. It pays to know how your brand is being represented or promoted by consumers online. And this is where image analytics wins the day.

Brand Imagery Monitoring Mastery

Monitoring brand imagery is an especially important piece to the social analytics puzzle. To do this effectively, brands need advanced AI-powered logo recognition.

By processing millions of visual posts, this tool pulls data from not just posts with your logo, but posts with brand keywords helping you protect your brand’s reputation. By measuring your brand’s visual share of voice you can identifying influential user generated content (UGC). And get a complete picture of your brand’s performance.

Uncle Ben’s Rice is among brands refreshing their logo. Below is an AI powered Image Analysis of Uncle Ben’s brand. It reveals pictures searched around ‘Objects’, you are also able to search emotions and scenes.  Hot keywords for Uncle Ben’s are Person and Car, with numbers revealing frequency used.


And doing a similar search for Land o’ Lakes we get this image. Even though this brand had the jump on changing their logo, it looks as if their dismissal of talking about it may have cost them.


A new future is ahead, that’s for sure. Will you be ready? A digital consumer and market intelligence crystal ball isn’t a bad place to start. Reach out for a demo to rejuvenate your brand’s health and consumer listening power – and prepare your business for sentiment that could impact your processes and products for years to come.


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