2019 was an exciting year for the Quid blog, a place on our website where you’ll regularly find in-depth analysis and case studies, examples of our clients using Quid, insightful takes on news stories, write-ups about company milestones, and more.

To look back on the year, we compiled a list of our most popular posts for your enjoyment.

Here are our top blogs from 2019, by traffic:

9.  Quid, NASA co-author new innovation report: As with most other areas of technology, aviation is experiencing rapid technological shifts which will alter the future landscape of the industry. To better understand disruption in the world of aviation and on-demand mobility, NASA partnered with Quid to analyze over 30,000 research articles and understand the top technologies in AI and Machine Learning, Human-Machine Interaction, Cybersecurity and Energy.

8. Here’s what reporters wrote about at CES 2019: Quid mapped popular topics from more than 2,500 articles written about the conference and identified relevant journalists by factors such as volume of coverage, influence with online audiences, and article sentiment.

7.  Plant-based meat is on the menu. Which fast food company is leading the way?: We wanted to better understand the competitive landscape and top media narratives tied to fast food brands who have explored plant-based menus: Burger King, McDonald’s, KFC, Del Taco, and Little Caesars.

6. Quid + Hyundai: Mapping the future of smart cities: To better understand the factors shaping the smart cities of tomorrow, Quid and Hyundai partnered on an ambitious project to analyze millions of data points—both qualitative and quantitative—on 400 cities around the world. Using Natural Language Processing, Quid identified eight main themes that make smart cities tick: economy, public safety, people (livability indicators), mobility, infrastructure, healthcare, governance (regulatory actions), and the environment.

5. Understand the content around millennial trends: There’s a lot of content out there, so how do you get smarter, faster on what’s being written about millennials? Quid helps us better understand the current coverage landscape around millennial trends so we can find unique opportunities to create new content.

4. Unmet Needs: Hearing the challenges of chronic patients with artificial intelligence: UCB, ARTIS Ventures, and Quid have leveraged artificial intelligence and natural language processing to algorithmically analyze over 500,000 public, anonymous patient comments online to understand what needs of chronic patients are unmet.

3. Which brands are successfully positioning themselves as eco-friendly?: Which brands have had the most success in communicating their environmental and sustainability initiatives? To answer this question, Quid analyzed nearly 2,500 articles that mentioned specific brands with keywords such as “sustainability,” “environment,” “reusable plastics,” and “climate change” since 2017.

2. Quid for Agencies: Quid helps agencies gain insight by surfacing narratives and information tied to brands, industries, and people. These storylines are hard to spot with internet searches alone and can signal potential opportunities or trouble ahead. Top agencies around the world already rely on Quid to help them win new business, produce quarterly brand reviews, develop new campaigns, and measure the spread and impact of outreach efforts.

1. Who is leading on 5G innovation and influence? 5G took center stage at the Mobile World Congress (MWC19) this year, the world’s largest exhibition for the mobile industry. But do prominent narratives in the media reflect what’s happening in the industry in terms of investment and innovation? We used Quid to analyze coverage of 5G at the Congress, as well as company profiles, partnerships, and patent filings within the 5G ecosystem to better understand the developments taking place.

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