If there’s one thing Webizens feel intensely passionate about, it’s movies. And actors/actresses. Probably the only thing they’re MORE passionate about is cats.

As we head into Oscar weekend and all of the corresponding parties and drama leading up to the star-studded event, we were wondering how the contenders stacked up from a passion standpoint. Let’s take a look at the data we collected and break some of it down:

Best Picture of the Year

When we’re talking Best Picture, if sheer passion intensity were the deciding factor, the Theory of Everything would be the sure winner. Of course the votes were cast long ago, and what movie fans feel won’t have any actual impact on the outcome, but it is always interesting to see if the Academy’s sentiment reflects popular opinion, or – as is often the case, they go in a direction that’s entirely unexpected.

Best Actor in a Leading Role

Lead Actor is an interesting category as well, with a good generational mix of talent, and the expected adoration. Michael Keaton has been long-loved, with the 95% net sentiment to prove it – and 100% passion intensity! In the same category is long-shot Steve Carell, who takes fourth place in number of mentions with 70,580. He’s got a positive net sentiment of only 56%, but like Keaton, his passion intensity is 100%.

Whatever people feel about the former “40-Year-Old Virgin,” they feel it strongly. And it may just be that whether they like him or hate him, they think his dramatic turn in Foxcatcher might get him his first golden statue.

Best Actress in a Leading Role

The leading ladies’ battle – as far as the public is concerned – comes down to Julianne Moore, Marion Cotillard, and Felicity Jones. All three have high passion intensity scores – Cotillard and Jones at 100% and Moore just behind at 97% – and net sentiment in the high 80s to low 90s. But Rosamund Pike and Reese Witherspoon (second behind Moore in mentions) are still strong contenders with an average net sentiment and passion intensity in the mid-80s.

Best Supporting Actor/Actress

Mark Ruffalo’s net sentiment is higher, at 92%, but people are more passionate about Robert Duvall – 100%, in fact.

Patricia Arquette, Emma Stone, and Meryl Streep all share 100% passion intensity scores, but Arquette’s net sentiment is highest at 92%. Actually, Laura Dern’s net sentiment is a 92% as well, but her passion intensity is only at 79. She needs another good role to keep her in the public eye long enough for them to remember how much they like her.

All of this data is indicative of the massive online conversation happening in the lead-up to Sunday night’s broadcast, and while no one knows who will win, it’s huge fun trying to predict who will walk away with Oscars, and brands who are paying attention will capitalize on this kind of data to engage their customers in Oscars-related discussion. Those who are really on their game are already using our platform to collect this data, interpret it, and use it to engage with their audience.

As for the rest… maybe they’ll at least win the office Oscars pool.

And the winners are…


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