Uncovering Organic Conversations with AI-powered Social Listening

Carol Feigenbaum |
 04/24/20 |
3 min read

Uncovering organic conversations with social listening at 113 Industries

Brands need a powerful and strategic decision-making tool that can help them uncover organic conversations surrounding not only their business, but competitors and other topics of interest. And companies like 113 Industries use next generation AI-powered social listening to do just that!

AI-powered Social Listening Uncovers Valuable Insight

Improving marketing and messaging with accurate insight is a game changer. And with AI Studio, brands and agencies are able to see everything they need to make category-defining decisions. They know how their clients’ products and services are resonating with their target audience, and can gauge how competitors are stacking up. But more than that – they’re tuned in to precisely what consumers are interested in. And this allows them to innovate products for brands:


NetBase aggregates and analyzes billions of pieces of social web data, from social media posts and emojis, in context to blogs, forums, review sites and news comment data. We bring it all together to reveal the big picture brands need to succeed. It’s made possible through a powerful combination of machine learning, deep learning and expert systems. And it’s amazing to see in action.

As Razi Iman, CEO of 113 Industries puts it, “NetBase’s machine learning is incredibly accurate and very, very sound. So, when we are sharing insights with our customers, we feel that we can back those insights, we can stand behind those insights because they are coming from good data and it allows us to extract insights comfortably and easily.”

Understanding what’s trending requires a crystal ball, or advanced AI insight with predictive capabilities . . .

Capture Consumer Conversations to See What’s Trending

Social listening can help your brand win in a number of ways. From a deep understanding of your audience demographics and psychographics to a sentiment analysis of what people are saying about your brand. But capturing consumer and market intelligence from all over the web with next generation AI-powered analytics also means you’ll spot trends early. And this empowers you to make strategic business decisions that could impact your category moving forward. Sometimes it can even define it.

For example, with many schools across the nation closed indefinitely because of COVID-19, Burger King saw and seized an opportunity to step up with a promotional giveaway that touched on consumer pain points in a meaningful way:


Although, it’s important to note, that while there may lots of positive conversation around the free kids’ meal promo, that isn’t enough to stop consumers from speaking out on areas that Burger King and other fast food chains can improve on. This is why consistent social media monitoring is crucial, even when you’re doing well.


There was a decent mix of both positive and negative conversation surrounding Burger King at that point in time, and we can see the precise breakdown below:


With everything going on in the world related to COVID-19, it’s very important, now more than ever, for brands to be in tune with their customers and the overall feelings around their business. Assumptions at any time are dangerous. And during a pandemic, they can prove fatal.

Informed Consumer Insight Over Assumptions

Capturing trends allows you to understand what consumers think vs. making assumptions on what you think they think. Social listening keeps you aware of the bigger picture, and sometimes, it can even help you put out a fire before it ignites. By understanding conversations by demographics like age, gender and location, along with psychographic insight, brands can identify upsell opportunities as well as challenges to pay attention to immediately.

Accuracy as Agency Differentiator

Whether you’re an agency pulling data for a client or you’re the CMO of your company and your brand’s reputation lies in your hands, you need accurate social analytics insight, as it informs so many crucial elements of any organization, including:

  • Consumer experience, understanding and planning
  • Brand health
  • Crisis avoidance
  • Competitor analysis
  • Product launches and innovation
  • Trend predictions

The data aggregated in AI Studio is relevant, predictive and easily verified. Updated in real time, it automatically surfaces related themes, eliminating user bias. It keeps your search true to its objective and has no preconceived criteria to flavor the results.


Because without a tool that is accurate and up to date, decision making can go very, very wrong. A bad tool can misunderstand sarcasm or misclassify alternative spellings and ultimately skew your data.

We keep clients ahead of the connectivity curve by pushing product updates every few weeks. We’re at the forefront of AI technology and API updates – and it shows. Reach out for a demo and we’ll show you how it looks!


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