A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about how I very rarely carry cash on me anymore, relying almost entirely on my debit and credit cards to take care of everything. Turns out, the post became topical again this weekend when the March 3rd installment of the WSJ Sentiment Tracker covered Bank of America’s latest plan to charge users of checking accounts a fee if they don’t have a minimum balance. Having watched the consumer outrage the last time B of A threatened fees, I thought it was utterly ridiculous that they were trying to institute further fees only a couple of months later. And with 70% of social media users on Facebook and Twitter expressing similar anger and distaste, I knew I wasn’t alone. Only 12% of online consumers had any sympathy for the bank’s announcement, and 10% couldn’t help but make light of the situation. Check out some more of the funny jokes below:

Bank of America wishes to thank the Americans for bailing them out by adding checking account fees from $6-$25 on them. Now say thank you.

BOA is going to enable you to subscribe to your own money with a monthly fee.  How nice. 

Sure, just add it to my tab……BofA Weighs New Fees

So who are you banking with – or who will you be banking with? Let me know!

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