Next Level Health: Smart Tech with Sentiment Analysis
Carol Feigenbaum |
 05/30/17 |
3 min read

As social data become more sophisticated, we can’t help but look ahead to the potential impact of harnessing sentiment analysis from connected technology beyond smartphones and tablets.  How, for example, could consumer health and wellness be impacted by brands’ abilities to track data from other connected devices? We have some ideas.

Monitoring biological data

This is already happening, with diabetics able to continuously monitor glucose levels using implanted sensors under the skin to send data to compatible smart devices. Now imagine extending that technology to measure dosing levels for those with depression or anxiety, alcoholism or drug addiction, or any other number of maladies.

What if we applied social media sentiment analysis to this biological data in combination with other social data? We could possibly identify emotionally vulnerable people, as one example, and get them help. In light of the recent loss of Chris Cornell, the Soundgarden front-man who tragically took his own life while potentially affected by an inordinate amount of anxiety drug Ativan, this kind of life-saving information would be a welcome evolution.

Taking the pulse of your audience – literally

What social media sentiment analysis tools do now is let you know how consumers feel about everything going on around them – from their work, home life, family, friends, movies, music, food, and brands they shop. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows, more connected devices will offer up that much more data to inform brand strategy.

Knowing what someone has stocked in their smart refrigerator will let you offer the right deals at the right time – which is much better for brand loyalty than offering random, meaningless coupons they’ll never use.

And data from wearables like the Apple Watch and Fitbit will likely become a bigger part of that network as well.

How great will it be to take the literal pulse of a geographic area, to discover an elevated heart rate or level of activity indicating your audience is more physically active in a certain area at a certain time of day?

If you owned a health supplement store on the route of a gaggle of joggers who pass by nightly just after you close, you’d have the opportunity to adjust your hours to be available for this segment of consumers. And that’s just one example.

Automating emergency responses

The beauty of digital technology is its immediacy – and in a situation when every second counts, smart tech could be the difference between life and death.

Wearable tech that monitors vital signs is a step up from the Medic Alert bracelets hawked on late night infomercials. Though great for putting emergency services in the hands of elderly folks living alone, you still have to push a button to call for help.

With connected devices that regularly monitor things like heart rate and pulse, you could know an emergency is in motion and dispatch EMTs before anyone even has the chance to call 9-1-1.

And regular sentiment monitoring would also clue you in to differences associated with varied biometric readings – which could tell you if someone is simply hurt, or panicked and hurt in the midst of an active terror situation, etc. This kind of data could be invaluable to first responders.

An ounce of prevention

When it comes to health and wellness, preventative measures are always best. That goes for brand health as well. The more you know about consumers, the better your connection to them will be, and the more they’ll appreciate you and remain loyal champions of your brand.

Being able to impact consumers’ health based on real-time data they provide may not be the widespread norm just yet – but for sure that time is coming. When it does, sentiment will be as important as ever. So be sure you’re regularly flexing your sentiment muscles, so your brand will stay primed and ready as smart tech evolves.

For a one-on-one demo of our social sentiment analysis tools, get in touch!

Image from Denis Kortunov


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