Using Next Gen AI for Exceptional CPG Response Times
Carol Feigenbaum |
 04/29/19 |
3 min read


Customer care isn’t limited to solving problems – though many brands view it that way. Real consumer care is part of your overall customer experience – and something that helps you avoid problems by building relationships with your audience. And Next Generation AI ensures you interact authentically, not chat-robotically.

Let’s see how this looks in action, with an assist from Best Buy’s stellar social feeds.

Always Be Listening

If you think social listening is something you only do periodically, think again. Because consumers care about so many things – and because those things can change rapidly – social listening must be a constant.

Next Gen AI-powered social analytics tools provide the speed and accuracy needed to understand and keep up with consumers’ changing whims. These are the insights that let you not only speak to, but anticipate, your audience’s needs. And that’s how you wow them.

This isn’t always about what they need or want by way of a product, by the way – though there may be ways to connect the dots that are less obvious. Here’s Best Buy getting in on the Game of Thrones final season excitement:

Two things to note:

  1. Though they sell Game of Thrones blu-rays and collectibles, this isn’t a sales pitch. They don’t even mention that, in fact. That’s what makes it brilliant.
  2. They’ve built in a call for the engagement they want by making it a poll versus just a post declaring their love for the show.

Once you identify the topics and trends your audience is invested in, don’t be afraid to initiate conversations.

Are You Talking to Me?

That said, responding to those who speak first is – obviously – just as important.

Again, this isn’t just about reacting when you see a social complaint – though that’s a must. The way to engender consumer trust and loyalty is by responding to the things they say even when there isn’t a problem.

A simple “thank you,” for example, goes a long way when you’re called out for a great experience. The object of the game is to always be authentic and human, like this:

The conversation actually continues…

… because that’s what social is all about. Conversations and connections – not marketing blasts.

By the way, did you notice that in the first tweet above the brand wasn’t tagged – just mentioned? This is why you need powerful tools, like those powered by Next Gen AI – to be sure you don’t miss a thing.

You want all-the-time and immediate access to mentions, keywords, sentiment, image recognition, influencers, and more. And you want to know you can rely on the data coming through.

Complaints Are Part of Business

What happens when you do receive complaints? Well, one of the reasons overall interaction is so important is to help endear your audience to you in advance.

Then when problems occur, they’re more likely to forgive you. It also helps you build an army of supporters – who will step in and go to bat for you if needed. We’ve seen that happen with many a brand, and it’s a smart strategy.

Despite the occasional issue – and no brand is without them – there’s a lot of love for Best Buy:

You don’t generate brand love by accident, though. This is one reason it’s so important to talk to everyone – not just your influencers, or posts that are getting lots of attention. Of course, you want to be sure you address such posts – but don’t limit interaction to only those posts.

And by consistently conversing with consumers, you have replies at the ready – versus having to scramble when there’s an uptick in sentiment. This matters whether the spike is negative or positive. The last thing you want is to find yourself at the precipice of a huge social “moment” – and not know how to relate to your tribe.

By replying to social posts regularly, Best Buy is showing their audience who they are as a brand, and creating a persona consumers can connect to human-to-human rather than human-to-brand.

None of this is rocket science. All it takes is smart intention, follow-through, and tools that deliver precise data – so when you take action, it’s based on facts, not suppositions. That’s the benefit of Next Gen AI analytics.

Ready to see Next Gen AI analytics in action for your brand? Reach out and we’ll walk you through a custom demo.


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