We often hear from clients and prospects that they need to be the first to know of an opportunity or a threat knocking on the door. But with social moving on 24/7, it’s hardly possible for an analyst to monitor continuously and provide updates every time there is a spike or dip in metrics. This is where the Alert Suite comes in handy! Alert Suite is the new enhancement from our Product team that informs customers about expected and unexpected changes to monitored topics with all the information brands and agencies need to take action. This blog discusses the value of alerts for business and tips on how to set up alerts.

Here are examples of the types of problems these alerts help solve:

  • I want to know if the consumer sentiment of a new product I’m monitoring drops below 60%
  • I need to be informed if a specific influencer talks about my brand
  • I’d like to be notified when there is a sustained increase in social activity about my competitor for 3 or more hours.

All NetBase alerts are complimentary for our clients.

Any Metric Alerts

Any Metric Alerts notify customers about expected changes to topic metrics helping you stay on top of campaigns, monitor brand health, and track competitors. Any Metric is our most flexible alert that can be set up for any of these 8 metrics: social mentions, posts, impressions, net sentiment, passion intensity, positive or negative comments, and authors. You can set up alerts for different conditions, such as when a metric changes, exceeds or drops below a target value or percent. Here are different ways in which early users have made Any Metric Alerts valuable for business:

  • Campaign Management: Measure and compare the effectiveness of campaigns. A quick serve restaurant chain wants to know when impressions on its new breakfast item exceed 10M over the last week. The brand uses Any Metric Alerts to identify the time it takes to reach a milestone to benchmark campaigns so it can replicate successful campaigns in the future.
  • Brand Health: Monitor brand health and identify key drivers changing the conversation around the brand. A technology company wants to know when net sentiment falls below 75. It uses this information to identify negative conversation drivers and inform decision on course correction.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Keep tabs on the competition. A leading retailer wants to know when net sentiment for a competitor goes up by 10% over the last day. This information helps identify gaps in marketing communication and product selection and points to opportunities to increase market share.

Any Mention Alerts

Any Mention Alerts notify you whenever there is a social mention you are monitoring for and works great for narrow cases that require immediate action. Our customers are finding great use for Any Mention Alerts in the following business situations:

  • Operations or Crisis Management: Be the first to know when there’s an issue bubbling up, so you can address it immediately. A retail brand wants to instantly know if items are out of stock in stores. As soon as it receives notification, the information is forwarded to the right store for immediate restock.
  • Marketing in the Moment: Elevate your brand by responding immediately when a celebrity or sponsor talks about your brand. Setting up alerts on your topic plus influencer names helps brands take advantage of immediate PR and marketing opportunities.
  • Competitive Intelligence: Be in the know when a competitor mentions your brand or a new sale. A telecom company monitors all instances of competitors mentioning their name in order to respond instantly.

How to Set Up Any Mention and Any Metric Alerts

Alerts are simple to set up for your saved topics.

To activate an alert:

  • Click the bell icon to the right of your saved analysis topic on the Analyze page in the NetBase app.
  • On the Alert Definition tab, move the Enable Alerts slider to “On”.
  • In Alert Configuration, select the alert you’re activating – Any Mention or Any Metric.
  • When working with Any Metric Alerts, select the conditions that will trigger your alert.

Both Any Metric and Any Mention Alerts are social domain agnostic, meaning you’ll be notified whether it’s a Twitter conversations or an industry forum that is driving changes in your social buzz. For additional information on drivers of changes, simply click on the alert notification to get into your saved analysis and explore further. In addition, you can share alerts with your whole team as long as team members are also on NetBase.

Triggered Alerts

In addition to Any Metric and Any Mention Alerts, companies can take advantage of our-state-of-the-art Triggered Alerts. These are smart notifications for events that you cannot predict ahead of time are excellent for being the first to know about issues and opportunities that you would otherwise miss. In case of Triggered Alerts, you don’t need to prescribe the value by which the topic needs to change. Instead, this alert looks at the social history for your topic for previous months of activity to determine what is normal for a particular time of the day and day of the week. You get alerted if anything is out of the ordinary with information that drove changes in your social topic.

How to Set Up Triggered Alert

Here are the steps to create your Triggered Alerts:

  • Open the social web topic you’d like to monitor.
  • Click the Triggered Alerts tab and slide the control to ON.
  • Then, configure the alert for desired stamina and strength. Stamina specifies the length of time the unusual activity needs to last before you’re alerted. Strength represents the degree of change in mentions count.

Triggered Alerts work off Twitter data and are available to all social team members with a NetBase subscription.

Our Product team has worked tirelessly to create the most valuable suite of alerts that are easy for customers to set up and use. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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