Social media content has a very specific role: to inspire engagement by brand followers, leading to better brand awareness, and increased sales. Choosing the perfect content means analyzing and understanding this engagement at the deepest levels – efficiently.

Here’s how our newest upgrades in the area of engagement metrics get the job done.

Text Alone Is Not Enough

Things might have seemed simpler in the early days of social when you just wanted to know if someone had mentioned your brand. The disadvantage, of course, was not knowing what those mentions really meant.

Were they compliments or complaints? And what kind of messaging should you craft to speak to those mentioners? Would promoting your latest sale be enough to retain their interest and loyalty?

We now know it takes a lot more to win consumer hearts. Of particular interest are insights from owned and earned data – as interpreting these precisely results in smarter approaches to paid media, giving it greater value.

Brands and agencies must use top notch Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to uncover the emotions driving consumer actions.

We’ve seen how this guides decision-making for brands like Ford – who used sentiment insights to connect to a new audience segment of Dirty Girl Mud Run enthusiasts.


Along with NLP, NetBase uses deep learning to extract insights from images like logos, objects and scenes – because text alone is only part of the equation.

You should not need separate tools for these analyses – and our customers don’t.

Streamlined Insights Via A Single Dashboard

The challenge with social media is its rapid-fire pace. Tools must analyze data in real-time, and brands are tasked with sorting through these insights and taking action. Sometimes decisions must happen as quickly as social feeds refresh – meaning, you don’t have time to look at multiple dashboards and manually assimilate a comprehensive picture.

Our engagement metrics come together in one dashboard, showing you enhanced analysis of top social networks – like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube – as well as blogs, forums, news, etc. in a single view. This consolidation of data allows for split-second comparisons to guide your next moves.

It’s especially important to have such insights for Instagram, which boasts:

  • over 800 million monthly active users
  • more than 15 million active brands
  • the greatest consumer engagement on any social network

By the way, NetBase is the only global analytics solution analyzing both followers, comments, and likes on all tracked Instagram channels and keywords.

Additionally you can view all relevant data from multiple keywords, social channels, images, domains, and authors in one place. You can also look back at converged historical data to understand seasonal trends, influencer impact, and more – so your time is always maximized.

This is how brands like Credit Suisse gather intel to advise their clients on stock predictions. When you have accurate data at your disposal, you can be confident in the actions you take.

Evolution And The Growth Of Your Brand

The only constant is change, according to Heraclitus. It’s true of consumers, leaving brands the responsibility of adapting. Social analytics also change, and keeping up with that evolution is our responsibility – so you always have access to the insights that matter right now.

We’ve made it a point to invest in technology that gives our customers the most accurate engagement metrics in the industry. If you invest in applying these social analytics tools to every aspect of your business, you’ll remain a force in your industry as well.

We’re ready to help you secure your brand’s future. Reach out to see how our state of the art engagement metrics tools will help your brand stand out.



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