No one knows your business better than you. That’s why NetBase is giving you more power with the most flexible analysis right inside the platform. In June, we’ve enhanced the platform with flexible Sentiment Classification that assures you have the most accurate analysis with the ability to adjust the sentiment of any post.

We already have the most accurate sentiment analysis on the market, allowing brands and agencies to gain the most nuanced view of consumer perceptions. However, there are situations where users want to go beyond automated classification for a more tailored analysis. Here is how our clients are using flexible Sentiment Classification right now.

Conduct Industry-Specific Sentiment Classification

Imagine you’re looking for a perfect expression of brand love and you come across a post describing a fan’s addiction to your company’s products. Sounds familiar? Well, the word addicted generally has a negative connotation and the platform’s automated sentiment would classify the post as negative.



Now, you can easily change the sentiment right in Stream view with a couple of clicks to get your perfect expression of brand love. The new topic will be automatically saved with all the changes you’ve made.


manual sentiment

In addition, sentiment adjustment can be useful for situations where consumers share ironic or sarcastic posts. Our platform can read some of it, but it does not perfectly pick up on all the myriad of expressions that people share on social. Now, you have the power to adjust this sentiment on the go.

Gain Perfect Sentiment Classification for an Important Project

Have you worked on a project where nothing but perfect sentiment classification will do? We’ve come across projects where analysts are tasked with either assessing the social presence of a high-level executive, such as the CEO, or when working on a high stakes project. In this case, users need to review sentiment on every post.

There are several ways in NetBase to adjust sentiment when working with many posts.

Option 1: Review the topic in Stream view and adjust posts where sentiment is not perfect. The platform will save your adjustments to this topic, so that all future analysis will feature your adjusted sentiment.

Option 2: Review the whole topic or specific terms in the topic under the Edit Tab. The Edit Tab is great if you need to work through hundreds of posts efficiently, and it enables either one analyst or a whole team to review post sentiment on the topic.

Simply go to the Edit Tab, select the topic you’d like to work on, and choose Analyst or Team mode. The benefit of the Team mode is that more than one person can work on the same topic without duplicating work. You can review posts individually by adjusting sentiment classification next to each post. Or you can change the classification for the whole page by selecting the sentiment option on top of the screen.


bulk sentiment


Option 3: There is one more way to easily change sentiment on posts with pre-defined terms. Even though this option has been available for a while, we thought this is a perfect time to review it during our sentiment discussion. With NetBase Rules, you can ensure that whenever certain words appear in the post, the sentiment can always be classified the way you need. For example, from our earlier discussion, you’d like the platform to always assign positive sentiment to posts that include the word addicted, because this is an expression of brand love for your industry.

To activate a Rule for sentiment, simply go to your Topic Definition and click the Edit option. While in the topic editor, add a filter and select the kind of sentiment you would like to change: Positive Insights, Negative Insights, or Neutral Insights. Once the filter is selected, enter the term or terms for which sentiment adjustment is always needed. When finished, simply save the changes to the topic and every time the term or terms you chose will appear with the new sentiment you’ve assigned.


rule sentiment


We’re constantly working to bring about enhancements that would make NetBase the best social media analytics platform for you. Let us know if flexible Sentiment Classification and Rules are helping you work smarter, and if there are other enhancements you’d like to see in the platform. We’d love to hear from you!

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