New Audience Fingerprints for Audience Segmentation & Analytics

Kimberly Surico |
 08/25/15 |
3 min read

Audience Fingerprints

Every marketer does customer segmentation in order to understand the audience and create customized marketing programs that speak to targeted segments. Segmentation based on social media analytics was not possible until recently. With the proliferation of social around the world – Twitter for instance has 304M monthly active users – and the advancements in big data analytics, it is finally possible to translate marketing segments into social sphere.

NetBase is delighted to bring its latest enhancement, Audience Fingerprints, to you. Audience Fingerprints help translate custom segments into the social sphere for deeper insight. Further, Audience Fingerprints help you understand what your audience segments are saying about specific brands, campaigns, or topics.

You can now overlay your Audience Fingerprints theme (or many themes) over any topic (or many topics) you have in NetBase in order to gain audience-specific insights. It does not matter if you want to examine an audience of 10 influencers or hundreds of thousands of buyers. NetBase now allows uploads of up to 500K people as a single segment, giving you incredible scale. In the future, we plan to expand the audience segment size further, to millions of people, so you can build even larger social segments.

Audience Fingerprints Benefits

Our beta customers have found significant benefits when using Audience Fingerprints for creating custom segments, measuring marketing effectiveness, and analyzing different categories. Here are several telling examples:

  • Create Custom Segments. Create a unique audience to focus on a very specific group you are trying to understand.
  • Example. A leading print and digital publishing house wanted to see topics that its email subscribers were discussing on social media in order to gain a more complete understanding of their needs and create targeted content. NetBase helped match the company’s CRM segments to Twitter authors and imported these Audience Fingerprints. The company was able to analyze the interests and opinions of its readership segments to identify over/under-indexed topics for content creation.
  • Measure Marketing Effectiveness. Analyze what your segments or influencers are saying when it comes to your brand, important topic, or competitor and measure change over time.
  • A major quick serve restaurant chain wanted to measure the performance of its new campaign. The social team created segments based on people who mentioned the campaign on Twitter. Then, it applied Audience Fingerprints to the brand topic as well as major competitors to see if people’s attitudes towards the brand and competitors were influenced by the campaign. They did the analysis pre-, during-, and post campaign by choosing different time frames.
  • Analyze Category. Understand how your segments are talking about a category and specific products to identify promotional opportunities.
  • Another quick serve restaurant chain sought to understand the music and artists that its customers enjoyed. The company created several custom segments and turned these segments into Audience Fingerprints for those who love the brand, those who love the competitors, and a segment of general Twitter population. Then, the analyst team laid the audience segments as themes in NetBase Crosstab analysis with different music artists. The resulting analysis helped them determine the most loved artists for the restaurant’s fans. This insight helped inform the sponsorship roadmap.

How To Get Started

Audience Fingerprints are easy to use, available for large audience segments of up to 500K authors, and available in NetBase core product today! Below is a quick overview to get you started. For a step-by-step walkthrough, please check out our Help page.

Here are the main steps:

    1. Download a set of Twitter authors for a topic for which you’d like to create a custom Audience Fingerprint.

    1. Upload the list of Twitter authors into the NetBase platform as a theme and save it with a unique name.

  1. Apply Audience Fingerprints theme(s) to any of your topics to see insights for your particular audience. Or apply Audience Fingerprints in a Crosstab Analysis to view rich analysis of posts, mentions, sentiment, impressions and more for many topics.

Audience Fingerprints are available in our core application today. Try them out and let us know what you think.

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