Creating NetBase Themes from Quid Social Clusters

We’re excited to announce that Quid Social just got even better. The market leading solution just got better at enhancing  your exploration of insights, trends, and conversations discovered in Quid Social. Starting today, you can create a NetBase theme from clusters or nodes in your Quid Social network! Time to insight is even faster than before.

This seamless workflow lets you generate multiple NetBase themes sourced from Quid Social clusters. This allows you to perform even deeper and more customizable analysis of your NetBase topics, and to monitor these Quid Social themes over time. And it’s something you’ll want to add to your process today!

importance of trend analytics

A Bit About Themes

As you know, a theme is a set of saved filters that, when applied to a topic, segments conversations to perform a deeper and more customized analysis of your brand or use case. For example, if we wanted to filter conversations by terms related to quality, we would use words like “premium,” “#reliable,” and “well made” when creating our “Quality” theme. Companies could save that Quality theme and apply it to a product topic to analyze only those conversations about the product that are related to quality. It’s a super handy feature to have at the ready.

And themes can be built in a variety of ways. They can be based on included terms, included geographies, a date range, or a sentiment driver. And they function like saved analyses, except that their definition does not include a specified topic.

They act as a lens, one that is portable and can be used repeatedly on a number of different topics. If your company doesn’t have a few favorite ‘go to’ themes on standby, reach out for a quick run through to get some in place, as they’re incredibly valuable.

And now, you can apply that same level of ongoing analysis using themes generated from Quid Social clusters.

What are Quid Social Clusters?

Clusters are a grouping or related pieces of information. More specifically, Quid reads the text in all of the matching social media posts, extracts entities like people, organizations, locations, and document-level sentiment, and creates a network map of clustered nodes, where each node represents an individual social media post, such as a Tweet, Facebook post,  blog article etc.

Using AI-powered, short text-optimized clustering, it creates a visual network that represents the top trends, themes, and conversations in the social media data surrounding your topic. And the network, overall, provides a framework for looking at these thematic clusters, seeing which clusters emerge, and understanding how clusters are connected. It’s pretty amazing – and happens superfast.

And now, we can take that already expertly parsed and organized intel and apply another powerful layer of analysis by selecting a subset of these themes to explore more in-depth. Let’s see how that looks . . .

Quid Social Cluster-created Themes

Creating a NetBase theme directly from your Quid Social network means no more having to manually replicate a theme across both platforms. This is a huge timesaver – and it’s super easy to do.

Here’s how it works:

  • Identify the cluster(s) or nodes in Quid Social to include in a NetBase theme.
  • Right-click and select “Create NetBase Theme.”
  • Enter a theme name and then click “Create!”

quid social themesOnce complete, you’ll receive an email containing a link to the theme in NetBase, which can be found in the Quid Social folder of the “My Themes” list.

From there, use it to gain traction in any number of business-critical use cases. Each will benefit from this insight – and from its AI-enabled functionality that does the work for you, eliminating analyst bias. Here are some ways to use it:

  • Build social queries and focus your analyses to understand a given trend, brand attribute, or sentiment driver.
  • Automatically and immediately identify key and emerging trends for specific use cases in real-time, including competitive intelligence, category whitespaces, & campaign strategy.
  • Surface important context and key drivers for discovered trends and themes including emerging brands, news, consumer sentiment, Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), and more.
  • Create ongoing monitoring, with access to interactive live reports, live dashboards (Pulses), API and BI Integration.

And then get notified of unexpected and unusual changes in behavior with metric or mention alerts!

Before you get to all of that though, you’ll want to be sure to fine tune that theme for maximum impact .

Fine Tuning Quid Social-created Themes

Once you create a theme based on Quid Social clusters, you’ll want to refine, customize, and expand the theme definition in NetBase to best suit whichever use cases you’ll be using (as we discussed above). And there are a variety of comparison widgets at your disposal to do just that:

  • Use the Word Cloud widget to discover which terms, #hashtags, and people are most predominant across different themes.
  • The Crosstab widget can analyze one or more topics based on multiple themes or analyze one topic based on multiple themes. This widget provides a quick and easy way to segment multiple conversations by the same theme and compare the results.
  • And the Timeline Comparison widget is great for analyzing trends based on Mentions, Passion Intensity, or Net Sentiment across the analysis date range. By applying your Quid Social themes, you can compare trend lines and identify points of interest, likes spikes or dips in the selected metric.

And once you get started, you’ll likely want to generate multiple themes that encapsulate thousands of nodes across your Quid Social network. This way, you can continually monitor how the social media conversation changes over time – and over multiple themes.

Visibility into Consumer Insights Has Never Been Easier

Industry-changing data stories require objectivity. Quid Social eliminates analyst bias and discovers trends you may know and, more importantly, those you don’t know. And now you can take those insights and turn them into themes that can be used for on-going monitoring, tracking and alerting. This creates efficiencies and improves your decision-making process. In a nutshell – it offers faster time to insights, with less effort!

No other consumer insights platform gives you this capability – to automatically discover trends in the social narrative, then convert those conversations clusters into themes for monitoring and reporting. We’re proud to be the first to offer this, and to help our customers always stay a few steps ahead in the consumer insights game. Reach out when you’re ready to take it for a spin and we’ll show you the lay of the land!importance of trend analytics

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