NetBase Selected to Bring Twitter’s New Audience Data to Market

Kimberly Surico |
 10/21/15 |
2 min read

NetBase + Twitter

We have some exciting news to share with marketers everywhere. Today at the Twitter Flight Conference, Twitter announced it will be working with NetBase to bring its new Audience API to market! The Audience API is one of two enterprise-grade APIs unveiled by Chris Moody, VP of Twitter Data Strategy, at the San Francisco event in front of thousands of developers, marketers, and Twitter partners.

“The newly launched Gnip Insights APIs are the next step in providing global brands with the audience and content performance data they’ve been asking for,” said Chris Moody. “We’ve worked closely with NetBase to help them bring a powerful new solution to market that builds on this new data to deliver actionable insights for marketers.”

This announcement strengthens our relationship with Twitter and brings brands and agencies valuable comprehensive audience insights.

The Audience API connects NetBase to Twitter’s massive amount of data including demographic, media consumption, device usage and psychographic models and gives unprecedented insight into the audience you are looking to know. Using this rich Audience API with NetBase advanced, patented language analytics, it’s now possible for marketers to get a comprehensive view into their audiences’ usage, attitudes, and purchase behavior.

“Our customers are constantly challenging us to develop new, cutting-edge tools to understand their audiences in unique and valuable ways and to reach them effectively,” said Bob Ciccone, NetBase EVP of Product. “We believe that being one of the first companies to gain access to the new Audience API will position our customers for success with valuable data on what drives their audience segments. With this information they can create stronger campaigns, enable better reach, and ultimately drive higher revenue.”

Twitter’s Audience API will be available through our new product, Audience 3D™, launching to the general public soon. Stay tuned for more updates as we get closer. Learn more about Audience 3D here.

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