NetBase Releases Interactive AI BattlebotWhen online speaks, we listen. With insight informed by powerful Next Generation AI capabilities, we’ve been able to keep our clients ahead of the curve at every turn – and now we’re moving beyond that and taking a bold step ahead of the pack. We’re elated to announce NetBase as the first sentiment analysis platform to offer the real-time, aggressive approach brands have been craving, with an interactive AI Battlebot that will knock your socks off. Literally.

What It Is and How It Works

This latest tool update is being rolled out in stages to customers, particularly to those facing struggles with what we’ve programmed our powerful Next Generation AI to recognize as “sassy segments.”

Sassy Segments are authors of online interactions that keep brand managers on their toes. Although these posts are not necessarily negative, the sentiment expressed measures extreme on the passion scale (enthusiastically positive or almost shockingly negative), and we’ve realized that responding appropriately either way is critical to not only keeping that momentum going and/or making that person (eventually) happy, but is also important because of the exceptional promotional potential it offers.

How so? Have you ever looked closely at the number of angry posts people create online? We have – more than 81 million in just this past month alone!

And after extensive research, we’ve found that these segments respond to very well to an ‘in-kind’ response – one that brands have struggled to master thus far. Keeping everything in context is challenging for a number of reasons, mainly because the ‘in-kind’ responses that we’ve discovered work best vary from silly to downright aggressive, hence the “Battlebot” name. The NetBase AI Battlebot is, in effect, doing battle for brands. And winning!

What better way than to show it in action!

Interactive Awesomeness

 If you’re already a customer, you’ll note that this update marks a transitional phase in our platform, as we’re moving beyond merely helping you understand the sentiment behind words, emojis, imagery and even sarcasm – to a more robust offering that will also provide a menu of potential replies to said sentiment. This is something that no other tool is doing right now – and certainly not with the level of accuracy our update offers.

Clients using this tool have requested anonymity, so we’ve taken a random post from online to demonstrate how it all works – and why your brand really must make this a top priority as Q3 approaches!

This post has been identified as a sassy segment with escalation/promotion potential, for example. It was selected due to keywords indicating extreme frustration (passion intensity), along with negative sentiment and possibly the author’s screenname, as our Battlebot is also learning about online personas as it goes:


The potential responses Virgin Media would be presented with by the Battlebot, include:

  • Thank goodness you’re not being dramatic about it. What other day works this week pls?
  • Apologies, our agents are instructed to hang up when customers threaten their pets.

Each response is designed to entice the original poster to reply, shocked – and retweet the brand’s response to his/her audience. From there, the brave social media manager must be prepared for many additional sassy segment types to come at him/her – hard.

We provide training to guide him/her around how to keep the conversation mildly insulting/aggressive, while not taking it too far, so that – at just the right moment – the brand can pull it back and reveal the light-hearted ruse. This has been working exceptionally well for brands in our pilot, with engagement skyrocketing.

And while we understand this not a tactic many brands will be comfortable adopting, those who are have nothing but amazing things to say about it!

But wait – there’s more!

Also – New Languages!

Beyond helping brands interact with new, sassy segments – we’ve also developed new capabilities to allow analyses of languages that have never been analyzed before, offering insight brands never dreamed possible!

These rare languages are used by segments who are very active online, and they would be an amazing addition to any business’s customer base. The new languages we’re able to analyze include Pirate, Orkan (from the hit TV series, Mork and Mindy), Elvish (made mainstream by Lord of the Rings) and probably the most widely and enthusiastically understood – Klingon (from Star Trek).

Combining our Sassy Segment sentiment capabilities with existing ethnographic understanding, we are able to not only analyze what these current and potential customers are saying in each language, but also . . . you guessed it – appropriate responses! Giving your brand a level of competitive intelligence few will master.

Contact us for a demo to see real-time analyses in action, but as a preview, we offer this example to demonstrate the nuances of each language.

In response to complaint post from a customer who has shown a proclivity for one of the languages below, the AI Battlebot would offer an analyses guiding brands to reply with the following (first in the native language, with the English translation offered purely for reference/review):

Customer: You really screwed up my order, Company X! And your customer service people are idiots, fyi.


Sink me! How can we make it up to ye? – How can we make it up to you?


Sorry, we fribbled your order, like a bezurbed crimlock. Let’s talk grebbels! — Sorry, we confused your order, like a drunken fool. Let’s talk money!


Mín gar- tossed cín complaint into i aenil-naur a await an answer uin thúl mán. — We have tossed your complaint into the Angel-fire and await an answer from the wind spirit.


chaq, vaj maSuv ghIqtal vIHtaHbogh ‘oH? — Maybe we should fight to the death about it?

From there, the conversation will undoubtedly escalate, as it is designed to – and in ways the Battlebot will guide brands through, all while surprising and delighting your customer base – and attracting lots of additional online attention for your brand!

Be sure to reach out to learn more. And watch for new languages headed your way soon, including Atlantean, High Valyrian, Dothraki and Valley Girl.

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