NetBase Quid Announces Zapier Integration and 3,000+ Apps!

Brands have exceedingly vast quantities of consumer and market intelligence at their disposal these days. Making sense of it all in a meaningful way poses a challenge – one that we strive to solve for you, as evidenced by our platform and by our latest partnership with Zapier! Let’s explore what it is and how leading brands use it to amplify their efforts.

Most businesses are short on time. And although companies recognize the need for robust analyses of consumer and market data sources to inform strategic decision-making and planning, there’s just too much to consider.

So, in practice, when it comes to capturing data points, the common solution leads to a siloed approach, with businesses charging forward at full throttle, making decisions based on portions of the whole – pieces they feel are most relevant to the task at hand. This approach lacks context though from insight that has been captured and is available elsewhere in the organization, like consumer feedback, Discord conversations, Salesforce data – all of it in existence, but not folded into the whole. And this is a problem.

It could mean the difference between increasing a brand’s share of voice versus losing ground to a more in-tune competitor, or not connecting the dots to uncover the next huge consumer need that’s clearly hidden in your data. And those scenarios scratch the surface in the ‘missed opportunities’ department.

Actionable data analysis needs to happen rapidly, and this means disparate systems must talk to each other – and the resulting analyses must happen with an immediacy approaching real-time. This makes platform integrations a must for every business, spanning every industry.

Integrating Siloed Systems

Connect critical systems and automate workflows, so your expert staff can focus on the tasks each specializes in – rather than wasting time manually moving data around. Zapier helps accomplish this, amplifying team outputs and bringing the most aspirational goals into focus. By automating the workflow to load data, your team can focus on high-value tasks, instead of manually connecting siloed systems.

Zapier seamlessly moves information between siloed systems, integrating with 3000+ apps including surveys, CRM, customer support, reviews, and some social sources – and also with NetBase Quid.

How does it work? We built the Zapier Connector to make the process extremely simple, so that you can quickly and efficiently unlock this insight and enrich your market research data for more effective analyses.

To use the Zapier Connector, just select a triggering app and event, along with what should happen each time. Zapier is explicitly designed to make it easy for you to automate workflows or load data across systems. Since the workflows do not require code, business users can connect NetBase Quid to any app within the Zapier library without the help of IT.


Best of all though – this doesn’t merely apply to one-off explorations, businesses can automate repeat analyses and set alerts to notify teams of social posts and other important indicators that can make or break a business.

Zapier Connector in Action

Whether grabbing data from social or news sources , uploading your own voice of the customer data for analysis, leveraging Zapier to connect to 3000+ apps, or leveraging Intelligence connectors, NetBase Quid supports the quick sharing of data across your enterprise. And it’s all done without code.

Broadening the data you base your insights on in incredibly valuable. Businesses can:

  • Ingest Salesforce, survey data and chat logs, uploading consumer insight for immediate analysis within your organization, creating real-time analysis, understanding and action
  • Create new rows in Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets that can be sent to a NetBase Topic, streamlining the upload process and further analysis in Quid Social
  • Upload intel from Discord, Facebook Groups and other social streams
  • Create integrated alerts around brand mentions and sentiment shifts that send notifications to Microsoft Teams or Slack
  • Trigger project management workflows in Asana, Trello, SMS, Twilio or any number of other productivity apps

The key takeaway here is that it enriches a company’s understanding of existing datasets, making it all work together – as it should:


Enriching & Providing Context for Accurate Analyses

As mentioned at the outset, with so many siloed systems offering consumer and market intelligence, businesses are left with tough choices around which pieces to pay attention to – which should inform specific functions. And in doing so, they’re forced to discard insight that could prove to be super valuable. At the least, they’re missing out on relevant context that could entirely shift a narrative. And worse case has them missing the boat entirely and wasting lots of money traveling down the wrong rabbit hole.

Finding unmet needs requires the correct data, and with Zapier and NetBase Quid, there has never been a better time for combining all of these sources to enrich your analyses. While NetBase Quid offers an industry-leading set of data sources, you likely have third-party or your own data that would offer amazing insight if you could fold it all in. And now you can. Reach out and we’ll show you how to do it!

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