NetBase Quid World Tour Headed to Charlotte, Dallas, Austin

You have questions about the very latest next generation consumer and market intelligence technology available, and NetBase Quid has answers! Our World Tour seminar series is off and running, and we’re excited to share a bit about it – and invite you to join us at an upcoming complementary session. Odds are, there’s one near you!

Starting Strong with Our Merger Announcement

Our events last week in San FranciscoSeattle and San Diego on January 28, 29 and 30 were very well attended. We kicked it all off with Peter Caswell, Chairman & CEO and Bob Goodson, President of the newly merged NetBase Quid, announcing the merger to San Francisco attendees. You can read more about the merger here.

And we had members of the newly formed team on hand to participate in conversations about the exciting news and what it means for customers:

NetBase Quid team

What does this mean for customers?

Well, they’re calling it “the next wave of innovative customer analytics” and “the ultimate resource in understanding consumer context.” And they’re certainly correct in this assessment.

NetBase Quid Unparalleled Insight

Overall, NetBase Quid addresses the need of the evolving analytics landscape, helping customers accelerate growth by providing the best resources to inform complex business decisions. More specifically, our next generation consumer and market intelligence platform offers unprecedented capabilities.

It’s faster, more accurate and actionable, with access to billions of indexed resources — from social media posts, consumer reviews, product reviews, news articles to business filings, to patent applications, and forums. And all of this can be aggregated, analyzed, and visualized in order to discover consumer and market insights.

The seminars showcase the many ways businesses can work with these contextualized insights to reveal trends captured from all forms of structured and unstructured data. Is it a game changer? It sure is.

Consumer Analytics and Market Research Game Changer

Calling it a “game changer for our business and our clients,” the value proposition of both NetBase and Quid (separately and now together) was further elaborated at each seminar stop by shared customer and respected analytics evangelist, Brian Mossop. Brian is Senior Vice President, Insights & Analytics Lead at FleishmanHillard.

“Both NetBase and Quid enable the strategic work we do at FleishmanHillard. Combining NetBase’s and Quid’s contextual AI and breadth of data sources will give us unparalleled visibility into any landscape analysis, including our clients’ brand coverage, the industries they serve, and new areas of opportunity for our clients and their customers.”

Brian also presented on “Abandoning Vanity Metrics for Social Media Measurements with Real Business Value.” As he artfully demonstrates in his presentation, campaign performance doesn’t always have to be about showcasing the largest numbers. There are concrete ways to ditch vanity metrics in favor of more reliable, informative, and impactful measurements – ways that will help drive strategic value to your organization.

Brian Mossop presenting at NetBase Quid World Tour

And then Drew Milam, Global Social Media Marketing Sr. Manager at F5 Networks joined us in Seattle for a Fireside Chat around “The Journey Towards Social Maturity.” He elaborated on the value of social listening from a B2B company perspective, one where social maturity is a key differentiator.

Drew Milam presenting at NetBase Quid World Tour

Combatting information overload, businesses require clear, real-time and actionable results. NetBase Quid will enhance customers’ ability to distinguish between critical and non-essential business issues. And this will help them make smarter, data driven decisions quickly and efficiently.

We all know that moving as fast as consumers is crucial these days. Having accurate intel informing those decisions is a must. It’s as important to your brand’s day as it is for you to have a good breakfast. And yes, we had that covered too . . .

Drew Milam presenting at NetBase Quid World Tour

Register for an Event Near You!

Did you miss these three events? That’s okay – you can connect with at some point in the coming months, as we’ll be visiting a location near you at some point before the year is out. Next up, Charlotte, Dallas and Austin on February 25, 26 and 27.

The NetBase Quid World Tour is just getting started, so check out where we’re headed and set aside time to connect. We hope to see you soon! And be sure to reach out with any questions whether you can attend or not.

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