It’s been a roller coaster year for sure and brand competition shows no signs of slowing down as we head into the holiday season. In keeping with the times our NetBase Quid LIVE 2020 event is going virtual and promises to be better than ever! Better still? It’s free this year!

Social media analytics has become even more indispensable this year as brands and consumers have embraced online in new and creative ways, so you definitely don’t want to miss it. Let’s jump in and take a look at what you can expect from the program this year.


NetBase Quid LIVE North America

Mark your calendars for November 10th through the 12th for three days packed with insight from industry leaders to keep your brand on the cutting edge. We’re kicking things off at 12 p.m. EST on the 10th with keynote speaker Mike Walsh, author, futurist and CEO of the global innovation consultancy, Tomorrow. He’ll be speaking on the New Rules for a New World with insight for brands on the importance of upgrading their capabilities, embracing new technologies and reimagining how they do business.


NetBase Quid CEO Peter Caswell, and President Bob Goodson will speak immediately following on the innovations that NetBase Quid has brought to the table in bringing the future of consumer and market intelligence into the present. We’ll also have panels and sessions from industry leaders that you won’t want to miss including: iHeartMedia, Walmart, SAP, ICF Next, REI and Banner Public Affairs just to name a few.

The agenda is full of thought-provoking sessions this year including:

Using Consumers as a Compass, How iHeartMedia Fast-Tracked its Product and Service Offerings in Reaction to the Pandemic

This year, consumer habits have changed drastically which means brands have to be on their toes in connecting with their audiences in relevant ways. Join iHeartMedia’s EVP of SmartAudio Insights, Hetal Patel, to discover how new product innovation led iHeartMedia through the disruptions caused by changing consumer behavior patterns.

Additionally, learn how iHeartMedia pivoted to address these changing needs by leveraging the power of data and insights; real-time metrics from social listening, syndicated and behavioral data points and custom survey insights.

From ‘Art’ to ‘Science’: Integrating Data and Technology with Communications, Marketing and Business Strategies 

There’s no doubt that the intelligence gap is widening between the exponential growth of available data and the amount of time that brands have to collect, process and make decisions based on the intel. Walmart’s Corporate Affairs Insights & Analytics unit represents the next generation of market intelligence, leveraging artificial intelligence and technology to process and analyze external and internal data sets at immense scale and speed.

Join Aaron Bernstein, Senior Director of Insights and Advocacy for Walmart, as he shares on how insights and intelligence help inform communications, marketing and business strategies more contextually and efficiently.

Other sessions rounding out day one include:

  • Turning Customer Win/Loss Insights into Action
  • Customer Panel: Adaption and Growth in a Tumultuous Year

You can learn more about all of our scheduled sessions, and our full list of panels and speakers at our NetBase Quid LIVE 2020 site. And be sure to register while you’re there!


Day Two Overview

Our day two lineup gives you an intriguing array of sessions to choose from. And of course, we are proud to feature another stellar cast of industry experts including: 113 Industries, StarKist, PMG Digital Agency, Intel, PepsiCo, Manscaped and more. There’ll be no shortage of expert lessons and ‘how-to’s’ ensuring that you’re keen to the latest and greatest in the world of social media analytics.

The day two keynote session will be led by Kate O’Neill, founder and CEO of KO Insights, speaking on Making the Tech-Driven Future More Human. As technology advances it’s become increasingly integrated in our day to day lives as we navigate our social, political and economic pain points. O’Neill demonstrates that the key to resolving conflicting priorities facing businesses is to focus on humanity and the future of human experiences in the approach to technology adoption and digital transformation.

And you’ll definitely want to check out our full Day Two agenda including these exciting sessions to name a few:

  • Agile, Nimble & Informed: Using Social Analytics to Guide the World’s Largest Travel Brands (in 2020!)
  • Data-Driven Business Decisions with Quid Pro: Uncovering New Opportunities for Quaker Grits Based on Consumer Contacts and Cultural Trends
  • AI-Driven Corporate Strategy: Predicting M&A
  • How Chili’s Leveraged NetBase to Bring Social Playbook to Life


Day Three Overview

In addition to going virtual this year, we’re thrilled to offer a third day of enlightening sessions on a variety of topics relevant for today’s businesses. Take advantage of the sessions that are speaking to your brand’s needs led by industry experts from such brands as: Liquid Advertising, Chipotle, Sherwin Williams, Droga5, Purple Strategies and more.


Our keynote speaker for Thurs. Nov. 12th is accomplished author, entrepreneur and futurist Michael Tchong. A prolific content creator, Mr. Tchong will be speaking on Ubertrends – How Trends and Innovation are Transforming Our Future.

The most disruptive forces reshaping our culture today are Ubertrends. These tsunamis of change spur changes in human behavior but also open windows of opportunity for significant innovation. Mr. Tchong explores these themes and provides a view into the latest trends and innovations caused by the pandemic, plus an overview of innovation fundamentals and how to put an innovation strategy into action.

Some of the other sessions you’ll find in our full Day Three agenda include:

  • Diversity, Inclusivity, & Outrage: Leveraging NetBase to Navigate Evolving Conversations
  • Adapting to and Tracking Consumer Behavior During the Pandemic
  • Quid Social: Consumer Insights that Inform Strategic Business Decisions
  • Push Through or Pull Back: Using Historical Data to Make Decisions in Times of Turmoil

NetBase Quid LIVE 2020 Solutions Showcase

This year has undeniably pushed boundaries on forward thinking and innovation. And we’ll be showing brands and agencies how it’s done with our NetBase Quid Solutions Showcase. Make sure you stop in to see the latest NetBase Quid products in action and learn how our innovative solutions can be keep your brand ahead of the competition. The showcase will be available all three days of the conference from 1:15 p.m. – 3:15 p.m. EST.


NetBase Quid LIVE 2020 promises to be an exciting exploration of innovation and adaptability that is sure to leave you empowered to meet whatever new challenges 2020 has in store – and beyond. With 34 sessions and 48 speakers and panelists joining us from some of the world’s most innovative brands, this is an event you do not want to miss. Especially since we’re offering it for free for 2020!


There’s no need to book travel or a hotel room this year – simply head on over and register today.


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