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There were so many incredibly insightful sessions at NetBase Quid LIVE North America, that we’d love for you to watch them all on replay! And we have some highlights to share to help you get started . . .

There were 34 amazing presentations scheduled for our first entirely virtual, and free, LIVE event. Attendees were treated to a variety of industry leaders sharing expertise on every next-level analytics subset imaginable.

We’ll break down the three-day event by day to give you a lay of the land. And then be sure to register for our LIVE EMEA event happening this week Nov 17 and 18th , so you can catch the next series of sessions live, as they happen. They’re worth attending in real-time, as you’ll have the added benefit of participating in our live Q&A sessions, which can be as illuminating as the presentations themselves.

Let’s check out some highlights!

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Day One: Consumer Understanding for Creating Wins from Loss

Our keynote speaker, Mike Walsh, Futurist, lived up to his title and offered thought-provoking transformation tactics that all businesses need to consider – today, if they hope to stay relevant tomorrow. And these tactics are not merely around digital transformation, though that is obviously necessary, but also cultural transformation – and the ways it all connects. The enterprise of today was expected, but has arrived early, and that means tomorrow is unchartered territory full of potential. The time to reimagine everything is now.


Following Mike, we had NetBase Quid’s Chairman and CEO, Peter Caswell and President, Bob Goodson take the virtual stage:


Listening to what customers have been asking for, NetBase Quid has worked diligently to become a solution offering brands multiple, connected lenses to look through and analyze consumer and market intelligence. The enterprise much become agile or become irrelevant and its analytics must support that effort, as insights are the new lifeblood of business.

Companies must prepare, predict and respond in an accelerated manner with continuous intelligence that reveals not only what is happening now (accurately and in real-time), but also what is on the horizon, as well as planning two-to-three years ahead and even projecting further out. And all of it must be informed by actionable, transparent data. They offered a preview of two ways to slice and dice data, with NetBase News and Quid Social capabilities, but there’s so much more to see. Schedule a demo if you missed it or be sure to watch the presentation!

The Consumer as a Compass & Turning Losses into Wins

iHeartMedia used consumers as a compass to fast-track its product and service offerings in reaction to the pandemic. This is huge, as consumer habits are being continuously re-written and re-wired, so connecting with audiences in relevant ways is more important than ever – and more difficult. As Hetal Patel, EVP of SmartAudio Insights shared, capturing these changing consumer behavior patterns with real-time metrics paves the way for disruption and new product innovation.

At SAP, James Turrentine, Lead Analyst – CMI Customer Success Insights, shared equally essential make-or-break data informed decision-making. SAP is the world’s leading enterprise software applications provider, and it also leverages Quid’s text analytics capabilities to capture customer voices and turn insight into action. But, more specifically, James shared ways they’ve been able to turn customer wins and losses into action by uncovering themes during competitive loss analyses – and turning those losses into opportunities. Having confidence in the data that feeds these analyses is essential, and that’s something SAP has come to rely on, with great success.

And then our customer panels were hits as well, with tons tuning in to see one on Adaption and Growth in a Tumultuous Year. In which we had America Anguiano, Senior Marketing Analyst, ICF Next; Tkeyah Lake, Vice President of Digital Strategy, Banner Public Affairs; Rod Yabut, Interactive Marketing Manager, USC; and Taylor Hartman, Program Manager, REI.

In this lively panel session, these NetBase users shared how social media analytics have been vital to navigating the rocky seas of 2020. They each shared ways their companies are using actionable insights drawn from social listening to inform their decisions and adapt to the changing business climate.


And then we had Antonio Ortolani, Global Head of Analytics, Brunswick Group sharing how he uses Quid for issues mapping and thought leadership in his “Business Critical Issues” presentation. In it, he helped expand on Quid’s brand and product mapping strengths, demonstrating its usefulness in tracking environmental issues and COVID’s media impact. He also explored the future of work, job reviews, and lots more that every brand should have on its radar as we head into 2021.

Day Two: Research & Data are the Sunlight Needed to Grow Communities

Our day two keynote was by Ms. Kate O’Neill, Founder & CEO, KO Insights. With emerging technologies like automation and AI, climate change, geopolitical upheaval, and now COVID-19, creating intense transformational pressures for businesses, it’s hard to know where to turn first. Kate argues the key to resolving these conflicting priorities, is to focus on humanity and the future of human experiences. And she made the case for an approach to technology adoption and digital transformation that prioritizes attributes that are most compellingly human.

Pepsico’s Sydney Perotti, Communications Analyst, continued on a similar theme with a talk on Data -Driven Business Decisions. Specifically, she shared how to uncover these opportunities with Quid Pro and used Quaker Grits as an example. Basing work on consumer contacts and cultural trends uncovered using Quid’s custom data upload tool, Sydney was able to discover meaningful insights. Pairing consumer verbatims with research and trends surrounding grits and the dish’s rich history offered not only myriad opportunities, but also a very special activation. And it was all backed by data and analysis.

how to make sma work for you

New Consumer Research Techniques & Predictions to Connect with Community

Andy Mecs, VP of Marketing and Innovation at StarKist and Razi Imam, CEO, 113 Industries discussed how StarKist uses AI to continuously evolve and address the ever-changing consumer needs and behaviors. These new research techniques allow them to create products that resonate extremely well in their category. And this presentation was particularly enlightening as it offers category insight around navigating competitive pressures and massive macroeconomic headwinds.


And then we had Michael Trudeau, Senior Director, Corporate Strategy, Intel sharing how Intel has taken an AI-informed, data-driven approach to understand rapidly changing technology trends. And, in doing so, has created a framework to identify opportunities for growth, as well as accurately predicting competitor M&A activity. This is intelligence any brand could use right now.

Changing things up a bit, we had Tyler Wentworth, Director of Social, MANSCAPED sharing “How MANSCAPED™ Cultivated a Community of Male Grooming Enthusiasts.” They were able to build a thriving community around men’s luxury manscaping products – even during a pandemic. Tyler discussed the key elements of creating and maintaining a community, from planning and objective-setting to having humanizing conversation, addressing the topics (even the sensitive ones) that are near and dear to your audience. And, importantly, being a valued resource beyond your product.


Day Three: Adapting and Changing as Key to True Transformation

Day Three’s keynote was by Innovation Crusader, Michael Tchong who shared “Ubertrends” that are transforming our future. These tsunamis of change spur changes in human behavior and also open windows of opportunity for significant innovation. He shared the significance of the Digital Lifestyle Ubertrend and its subsets that not only shorten our attention span but business lifespans as well. It’s not all bleak though, as there are trends born from this chaos as well. It’s a must watch!

michael tchong


Furthering the conversation around adapting to things, we had Jennifer Savage, Sr. Analyst, Social Intelligence, Chipotle presenting on ways to adapt to and track consumer behavior during the pandemic. She shared the evolving consumer behaviors Chipotle tracked throughout COVID-19 and how they adapted strategies to capitalize on the opportunities presented within these changing times.


Nicholas Love, Director of Social, G&S Business Communications helped participants “take social listening a step further” with his presentation on persona development. He helped viewers understand why they need to ask some key questions about their strategy, including:

  • Do your brand’s intrinsic values come through in your messaging?
  • Do you understand your audience, their frustrations, and needs?
  • How are you combining keyword research with social listening to help build out personas and deliver content to those personas as a part of your customer journey activity?

Social Conversation & Changing Themes

Analyst Dhvani Unadkat from HUNTER breaks down the media landscape and social conversation to integrate it with other insight and build powerful communication campaigns. How does she do this? With combined consumer and market intelligence captured in both NetBase and Quid. And her presentation was a “how to” for brands seeking to do this!

And then we had Nicole Smith, Sr. Account Supervisor, Digital & Social Analytics; and, Olivia Hopenhajm, AS, Partnerships – both from Marina Maher Communications (MMC) offering best practices for using social analytics to uncover changing themes and drive value. It comes down to providing audiences with relevant, valuable content, of course – but that criteria has both shifted and been amplified in the wake of COVID-19 – especially for healthcare companies. MMC has leveraged the intersection of media monitoring and social listening to identify new, actionable themes, and shared these discoveries in a content series documenting life in a pandemic.

The learnings from our panelists and presenters far exceeds what we’ve captured here, but don’t worry – we’ll have future posts digging in to each, including more about those you see above! And if you’d like to see all of this amazing insight-gathering in action for yourself, please reach out for a demo.

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