NetBase Quid Live Europe 2021 Recap

We just wrapped up our NetBase Quid Live Europe 2021 event, packed with industry experts and thought leaders covering the ever-changing world of consumer and market intelligence. Hopefully you were among the global attendees who were able to join us, but if not – here’s a recap to see what you missed! And be sure to register to watch these insightful presentations on demand!

Last year was a roller coaster ride for everyone – brands included. Many brands leaned heavily into consumer intelligence like never before to understand emerging trends and weather the pandemic. We’re not out of the woods yet, but as expected, 2021 has its own unique challenges as brands, institutions, and agencies clamber for market intelligence to stay a step ahead of the curve. This is something our panelists understand well. And the discussions they participated in were geared toward helping brands and agencies realize the full potential of continuous consumer and market intelligence. Let’s check them out!

Day One Recap

We kicked things off at 9 am British Summer Time (BST) on July 7 with keynote speaker Krista Neher, CEO of Boot Camp Digital, a digital marketing training firm, with her presentation entitled “The old ways of understanding your market don’t work anymore.”

Neher is a bestselling author, international marketing speaker, and digital transformation thought leader focused on helping brands and marketers alike improve their digital marketing with strategic social media insights.

As the world works to put the pandemic behind us, her presentation shared ways to use data insights  to inform your consumer and market intelligence as your best bet to overcome consumer pain points this year and in the future. Neher drew upon her expertise to share how your  intelligence tactics need to shift to keep up with the rapidly changing times.

Directly following, we had Heather Kernahan, CEO of Hotwire Global, a global tech communications consultancy, present “Data Storytelling: How data-driven communications will increase your influence.”

At Hotwire, Kernahan leads their global leadership team, which works with technology’s most innovative and fastest-growing brands to develop their narratives, advance their reputations, and reach their most important audiences. In 2020, she was named as one of the 100 Women of Influence by the San Francisco Business Times.

Some of the topics Kernahan discussed during the session include:

  • Bringing together data, analysis, visuals, and a compelling narrative as part of your brand strategy
  • Becoming influential data storytellers in the board room
  • Implementing a data-first approach to brand communications to most effectively frame the issues that your audiences care about the most

Afterward, Dr. Jillian Ney, founder of the Social Intelligence Lab, a global community for social intelligence professionals, shared her presentation entitled, “Business critical: How to identify unmet needs for new ideation and thought leadership.”

Ney is the UK’s first doctor of social media and a digital behaviorist whose research helps brands understand the intricacies of consumer intelligence through the lens of behavioral science as it applies to the digital realm. Her session was highly impactful for data analysts and brand leaders struggling to grasp the ever-elusive voice of the customer.

Rounding out our day one agenda, we had presentations on other incredible topics as well, including how to tap the market potential with real-time response to consumer trends and “Triggered: Brand best practices in being proactive and reactive to audience needs.”

Day Two Recap

Our day two schedule was packed with thought-provoking speakers at the forefront of continuous consumer and market  intelligence. The day’s structure varied slightly from day one, where we opened with two back-to-back sessions, followed by four timeslots with two sessions apiece.

We started day two again at 9 am BST with Bob Goodson, President of NetBase Quid, who presented a session entitled, “Continuous intelligence is here. Accelerate your consumer and market initiatives.” This informative segment illuminates NetBase Quid’s rapid platform innovations and how it is enabling  consumer and market intelligence – and delivering accurate insights faster than ever.

It’s an exciting time in consumer and  and market intelligence. The capability to drill into actionable insights continually and accurately is a game-changer, and Goodson will speak to how these innovations will differentiate your brand and accelerate time to market.

Immediately following, we had a session by Dieu Ly Tran, research and intelligence analyst with the Berlin-based Lufthansa Innovation Hub (LIH), the digitalization spearhead of the world’s largest aviation group. She led an intriguing segment entitled, “From market to management: How to transform insights into strategy roadmaps.”

As the central innovation unit of the Lufthansa Group, LIH analyzes and tracks market developments for new business opportunities. Utilizing an enormous quantity of unstructured market data, they rely on specific frameworks and processes to uncover and deliver actionable intel on emerging trends in a clear and digestible manner.

As such, Tran shared how they curate information in a way that directly communicates priorities and outlines the strategic steps based on sound consumer and market intelligence

The rest of our dynamic sessions for day two were as follows:

10:25 AM

  • Key learnings from implementing NetBase and Social Listening – L’Oréal Nordics
  • Navigate connected consumer and market intelligence with BI Systems

11:00 AM

  • Best practices for winning consumer confidence with data-driven campaign strategies
  • Data and More Data: Broaden your intelligence, analysis, and sharpen your insights

11:35 AM

  • Best ways to reveal nuance and detail in massive proprietary data sets
  • Get more value from your analytics: Consumer insights that drive your business

12:10 PM

  • And we’re halfway through 2021. How’re we doing?
  • Use Predictive AI to improve your business agility

With 17 speakers covering 15 sessions, there was an incredible wealth of consumer and market intelligence tips, insights, and best practices to be had at NetBase Quid Live Europe 2021. It’s not too late to request access to this amazing insight. Be sure to head over to our event site to watch them on demand – and make sure you’re on the list for the next one! Also, please reach out if you’d like more information about any of it – or ways to make continuous consumer and market intelligence work for you!

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