NetBase Quid Live EMEA Overview of Our Amazing Presentations

Niraj Sharma |
 11/20/20 |
4 min read

NetBase Quid Live EMEA Overview of Our Amazing Presentations

We hope you were able to join us for NetBase Quid Live EMEA, where industry experts shared consumer and market intelligence insight that has powered them through this pandemic. But don’t worry – if you weren’t able to tune in, we have our top performing sessions to share with you below!

Day One: Your Digital Customer Requires New Narratives

The day started off with a keynote from Warren Knight, Leading Authority on Digital Leadership and Creator of Think Digital First on The Future of Your Digital Customer. In his presentation, Warren revealed what the future online customer is thinking, and emphasized the importance of digital transformation for every organisation. As the new medium where emerging trends are born, the future of business lives here. He also shared proven methodology to aid businesses in that transformation. It’s a must watch!

And we had more actionable insight – and A New Framework for Quantifying Customer Satisfaction from Dieu Ly Tran, Research & Market Intelligence Analyst at Lufthansa Innovation Hub. She showed how and why companies must move beyond classical surveys to identify customers’ true needs. And how they can strategically translate these insights into actions, with an unconventional approach that objectively quantifies customer feedback in real-time. Not only that, but it does so continuously. She also introduced a framework to help organisations strategically act on customer feedback and, ultimately, improve satisfaction.


Market Narratives are Evolving

Pierre Dongo-Soria, Senior Multi-Asset Strategist from HSBC continued our actionable analytics theme with an Evolution of Market Narratives in 2020 and how this intelligence is a make or break tool in the financial services sector. He shared why understanding what is being discounted by the market is key to successful investing. Further, he explained how the investment process and design of asset allocation strategies can be enhanced by measuring and tracking market narratives, using 2020 as an example. And what an example it’s been!

And then we see this insight in action with Kristian Hoareau Foged, Analytics & Strategy Director, Simply Thought running us through the process From Analytics and Strategy to Execution: How to Launch an Amazon Bestseller and Successful Start-up. Kristian made the case for the importance of using data and analytics to inform marketing strategy. His presentation answered important questions, including:

  • Why is it important to start with the fundamentals of diagnosis and research?
  • What’s the impact of having a thought through and thoroughly researched strategy?

And it was all told through his own recent experience working with a start-up business pre-launch. He helped take them from analytics and strategy through successful execution of launching the consultancy – and made the founder’s book an Amazon Bestseller. It’s a success story you won’t want to miss.

Day Two: Innovating with Social Data Visualisations

Our customer panel was aptly named, as it shared the unrealised power of visualisations – Beyond Expectations – Using Social Data to Inform for the Future. Sophie Clutterham, Sr Manager, Digital & Social Media and Heather Collins-Linford, Social Media Analyst both from Lloyds Banking Group were joined by Amelia Bainbridge, Associate Insight Director, Zenith Media for this lively panel discussion. They shared how both brands and agencies use social media insights to inform their strategy, define their programs, and continually adapt to a changing business climate.

And then Andy West, Chief Development Officer, Hotwire Global addressed the budget elephant in the room during his presentation on The Marriage of Insights, Story-telling & Measurement. As budgets face increasing pressure, the expectation for campaigns to have real business impact is higher than it’s ever been. Andy discussed how the marriage of social insight with creative storytelling can help agencies and brands land clients and then measure the impact of the right stories across earned media channels. Hint: Audience understanding is key.


Crisis Management and So Much More

And this is something the folks at Kekst CNC understand well, particularly as it relates to managing a crisis. During their presentation titled Our Journey with Data Visualisation: How We’ve Applied Innovative Methods to Data Analytics in the Corporate World Lucy Cording, Partner and Ross Williamson, Consultant at the firm offered a lookback at how they’ve applied Quid to understand the reputational challenges their clients face over time.

It includes having confidence in the insight they’re capturing, because they need to be proactive when it comes to reputation management. Their clients’ brand health depends on it. And they also must quickly adapt to create smart applications of data visualisations that will help them continuously detect and then recover from crises. This is a never-ending need and one that requires supremely transparent insight.

The variety of topics our presenters shared insight around isn’t easily encapsulated in one overview, so be sure to watch for additional posts where we’ll dig in to this amazing intel these and other speakers offered. And be sure to reach out for a demo of NetBase Quid’s many capabilities and see how consumer and market intelligence can be a game changer for your organization too!

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