Looking Back 2014In this edition of the NetBase Podcast Series, host Hope Nguyen is joined by Chris Moody, Twitter Vice President of Strategy and Chairman of the Big Boulder Initiative, and Pernille Bruun-Jensen, CMO of NetBase and member of the Board of Directors for the Big Boulder Initiative. Hear their discussion on the Big Boulder Initiative, its code of ethics and standards for the social data industry, and the reason as to why it’s timely to create a code of ethics for social data.

After briefly giving an overview of the creation of the Big Boulder Initiative in 2013, Chris Moody, then, gives some insight into the types of issues the Big Boulder Initiative covers. “We’re really focused on anything that will ultimately allow the world to realize the power of this data” states Chris. He then proceeds to highlight some of the roadblocks that needs addressing when attempting to unleash the power of the data. “A lot of our focus has been around how do we overcome some of these obstacles, like privacy, like accountability, like standards.“

One of the most requested pieces of information from the Big Boulder Initiate concerning both social data and the obstacles facing people attempting to use this data was a guidepost of sort for how to think about the ethical use of social data. Chris then explains why now was the right time to create a code of ethics. “For business to say we are going to make a big investment on this, they have to feel like they are on the right side of the ethical debate. For researchers to feel like this is a worthwhile research subject, they have to be on the right side of the debate. And the most important one, if consumers are going to still contribute to social, they’ve got to believe that their data is being used ethically. This entire ecosystem of social data falls apart if end-users stop using platforms because they feel that their data is being used inappropriately.”

Pernille Bruun-Jensen then continues the conversation by talking about the first of the five key ethics that the Big Boulder Initiative promotes: Accountability. “We know that nobody is intending to do the wrong thing, but we really think it’s really important for us to define a framework for accountability and ethics to support any outages and wrongdoing that comes up.”

The conversation continues, covering the remaining four key ethics that the Big Boulder Initiative promotes. After that, both Chris and Pernille look towards the future of social data and the role the Big Boulder Initiative plays in shaping that future. “We aren’t going to be afraid of the big problems, we’re going to take them head on. It might take us years, it might take us 20 years, but we are committed to doing it” states Chris. Pernille then continues “Hopefully what we will get as an end result is for something like Big Boulder to not exist, but a framework that has been created for us all to have clear expectations for what to do and what to expect and what respect to expect from anyone who is playing in this field and potentially working with our data and insights that we provide as individuals.”

For the full conversation, which covers everything above in greater detail as well as outline the additional key ethics promoted by the Big Boulder Initiative, please listen to this edition of the NetBase Podcast Series.

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