When you know something works, and have the testimonials to prove it, it’s natural to want to sing it out from the rooftops – or across the country. This month we’ll be singing out the good word on behalf of some brands we’ve worked with recently. Here’s where to find us, and when.

Thursday May 12, San Francisco, CA – Brand Innovators Social Media Summits

Country record label Universal Music Group Nashville (UMG) has been in the game long enough to know award show wins equal a major uptick in record sales. When their artist Luke Bryan was nominated for the Academy of Country Music’s Entertainer of the Year award, they wanted to be sure he won.

They used NetBase to look back at past campaign analytics, but they knew they also needed real-time data to understand their competition, and gain the necessary edge. It wouldn’t be enough to track their own artist for votes and social engagement – they needed to track all of the nominees to get a sense of the big picture.

It turned out to be the crucial distinction in their strategy. We’ll tell you exactly why, and how they course-corrected their campaign to – spoiler alert – bring home a fan-voted win for Bryan.

Friday May 20, Atlanta, GA – Brand Innovators Content Marketing

Coca-Cola hosts this event, which offers a perfect opportunity to talk about how they’ve used NetBase to understand their customer base and provide content they crave.

In Coca-Cola’s case, personalization was the key – a tactic that smartly caters to the consumer-centric social landscape. Winning over audiences now means pushing past the impulse to make it all about your brand, and making it about consumers instead. This is something the “Share a Coke” campaign did brilliantly, and something the brand hopes to continue with their “Share a Coke and a Song” campaign.

This is where consumer sentiment analysis proves its worth. Since emotions are the primary motivator for social sharing, it makes sense to delve into how deep those emotions run, as well as what they are. Who makes the better influencer – the consumer who likes your brand, or the one who is in love with your brand? By the same token, who is the greater threat – someone who mildly dislikes your brand, or someone who hates it?

The degrees matter, so you’ve got to be able to measure them, and then know how to leverage that passion – in either direction. We’ll tell you more in Atlanta.

Monday May 23 – Thursday May 26, Chicago, IL – Brand Innovators Brand Week Chicago

We’ll wrap up our month of travel in Chicago during Brand Week – specifically tackling the subject of Mobile & Millennials on May 25. We’ll use our experience with convenience store brand 7-Eleven to illustrate how social listening helps brands engage their target audiences to innovate new products.

7-Eleven did this by picking up on social conversations about their Slurpee drinks, which mentioned how well they paired with the popular SOUR PATCH Kids candies. This insight inspired 7-Eleven’s SOUR PATCH Watermelon Slurpee flavor, which they marketed specifically to fans passionate about both brands, as well as consumers who love other sour candies, Slurpee-type drinks, and convenience stores.

We’ll also look specifically at Millennial audiences, and how to grab their attention – while benefitting from adjacencies that expand that audience beyond its generational boundaries. We’ll explore the importance of mobile to these social users, as well as how 7-Eleven used NetBase to launch their mobile app during one of their biggest annual events – resulting in a two-for-one success story.

All this and more will be in the mix during our May appearances, so be sure to register for the Brand Innovators event closest to you so you won’t miss out.

And if you can’t join us on the road, reach out to hear one-on-one how our social media tools can work for your brand!

Image from Richard Eriksson

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