NetBase Named a 2017 Top Rated Social Media Management Platform by Software Users on TrustRadius

Carol Feigenbaum |
 03/21/17 |
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There’s no greater compliment than positive reviews from those using our products – especially when those reviews result in a top rating from a place like TrustRadius.

Based on 125 in-depth reviews and user ratings, NetBase was named a 2017 Top Rated Social Media Management Platform by software users on TrustRadius, as shown on their TrustMap™ – a visual depiction of the best software products as rated by users on TrustRadius within each market segment.

Recognition is always appreciated, but what makes this award extra special is that it’s based on the ratings of actual users, representing the true voice of our customers.

This seems especially fitting given that understanding the voice of the consumer is the heart of our business. We’re super excited to know we’ve succeeded in delivering what our consumers want in a social media management tool.


Where’s the love – exactly?

“Reporting is a key strength discussed by NetBase users, including the ability to run quick, up to date analyses, glean competitive insights, and set up ongoing topic/sentiment tracking. Users said they like the clean report visuals, such as dashboards and wordclouds, which provide a shareable overview of the data–especially for brand clients in the agency use case,” said Megan Headley, Research Director at TrustRadius. “In addition to Marketing and Advertising and PR agencies and Market Research organizations, reviewers include brands across the restaurant, food & beverages, entertainment, insurance, education, and other industries.”

We received our highest score from enterprises (8.4), with medium-sized businesses right behind (8.2) – but we want to be sure the small businesses out there know we can help them too.

Solutions like our Instant Search tool in particular are perfectly suited for brands and businesses of all sizes.

In what specific areas do our customers feel we excel? Here are a few:


This category comprises campaign success analytics, real-time tracking, and competitor analysis – all of which power brands’ ability to rise above in their industries.

Though historic data still matters, the real action comes from insights happening right now, letting you respond while consumers are still invested in those conversations and emotions. And looking beyond your brand, to what your competitors – and their audiences – are saying is table stakes now.


If your social listening monitoring tools aren’t accurate, there’s not much point to using them. That’s why we’re extra happy to know our users praise our platform’s capabilities around boolean keyword searches and ability to filter out noise and spam that can skew analytic results.

Additionally, we know the importance of giving brands feedback across a broad spectrum of social channels – from top platforms like Facebook and Twitter, to news outlets and blogs. A dimensional picture relies on information from all relevant sources. It’s gratifying to know our customers appreciate this.

Of course sentiment analysis is everything on social – and we pride ourselves on the way our sentiment analysis tools let brands connect to consumers by accurately measuring how they feel about the things they share on social, and how strongly. We’re passionate about passion – and it’s clear our users are too.


It’s not enough for us to simply provide a pipeline to social data and insights – we want to know our customers can apply those insights across their organizations, especially when it comes to marketing efforts.

Our clients praised NetBase’s impact on lead generation, content marketing, paid media management, and campaigns and promotions – which is music to our ears, and proof of what access to timely social data can do for your brand.

We’re here for you

Just as gratifying as high marks for our social media monitoring tool’s features are those for its ease of use, and the support that comes with being a NetBase customer. Implementation also got top marks, and more than 80% of reviewers were likely to renew their subscription and recommend NetBase to others. It doesn’t get much better than that – but the fact that this is the second time we’ve had a spot on the TrustRadius TrustMap™ is pretty sweet.

We strive to constantly improve our offerings, and are always thrilled to be recognized by our most important critics – our customers. So keep the feedback coming – and we’ll keep working hard to give you the industry’s best solutions for mining critical social insights to keep your brand healthy.

The TrustMap™ is a visual depiction of the best software products as rated by users on TrustRadius within each market segment. TrustRadius does not endorse any vendor, product, or service depicted in its TrustMaps and does not advise software users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings. 

New to NetBase, but want to see what our customers love for yourself? Get in touch!


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