NetBase LoveList: How Do Customers Talk About Love?

Kimberly Surico |
 03/16/15 |
2 min read

How strongly do consumers really feel about your brand? Have you created a brand passion that your competitors would envy? Have you managed to set the foundation for future brand growth through a strong customer relationship truly founded on love? To help answer some of these questions, NetBase has taken a look at 6 brands to see how customers talk about the brands we love.

We Love Dependability

Feeling like a brand has our back is a great sense of relief. When it comes to industries like Insurance, faith in the service is one of the most important things for a customer. Taking care of their customers is a key part of what separates a brand that we love instead of just like.

We Love Awesome Ads

Whether its something clever we can talk to friends about or something flashy that catches our eyes, customers love awesome ads. They don’t have to be traditional ads either. In the case of Red Bull, customers respond positively to branded videos that are interesting, leading to more positive mentions for the brand.

We Love Reliability

Feeling like we’ve made a smart purchase is a key part of customer love. It becomes a source of pride. Customers love to extol the virtues of a brand whose product continues to show value year over year.

We Love the Cutting Edge

Whether its something we’ve never seen before or something we’ve never seen done better, customers love the cutting edge. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the competitive smart phone market. Feeling like your device can allow you to do new and exciting things is a driving factor in the way consumers talk about brand love.

We Love Inspiration

Consumers love brands that help get the creative juices flowing. In the case of Home Depot, the smell of the lumber and the sight of power tools is all customers need to become inspired and to keep us coming back for more.

We Love New Experiences

Customers love brands that help us experience something new; from connecting to friends and family in a new unique way to helping us discover new hobbies and passions. These brands not only give us something new, but also something to love.

However customers talk about brands, NetBase listens and understands. To see what brands made it into the 100 most loved brands, check out the NetBase LoveList.

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