NetBase LIVE Takes Over New York City!

Kimberly Surico |
 11/13/19 |
3 min read

NetBase LIVE Takes Over New York City!

It’s the day we’ve been eagerly anticipating all month – NetBase LIVE New York! A day full of social analytics expertise from industry leading brands and equally impressive participants seeking in-depth answers. High expectations all around. Let’s see how it went!

NetBase sign in NYC

Kicking Things Off

Our CMO, Paige Leidig kicked off our 10th NetBase LIVE to a packed, high energy room of attendees joining us from across the globe:

Paige Leidig at NetBase Live NYC

Keynote on The Human Brand

Chris Malone, Former Fortune 500 CMO, award-winning author, and thought-leader gave the Keynote, presenting on “The HUMAN Brand: Building Customer Loyalty in the Digital Age: “The way we see faces are the same way we see logos based on warmth and competence…”

Keynote from Chris Malone on The Human Brand 

AI Studio Makes An Entrance

NetBase’s Chairman and CEO Peter Caswell had the crowd enthralled showcasing AI Studio’s automated theme discovery capabilities, with hints toward more: “Our #AI capabilities will minimize your manual efforts and you can expect more enhancements over the next 12 months…”

Peter Caswell NetBase CEO at Live NYC

And it will be much more effective than those “Not Hotdog” options.

Tweet about being early adopter of AI Studio

Morning Movers and Shakers

iHeartMedia’s EVP of SmartAudio Insights and Analytics, Hetal Patel, shared real-life examples of how iHeartMedia applies AI in scenarios such as better targeting and contextualizing content, image analysis and brand attribution, and reducing fraud and bot-related behaviors:

iHeart Media presentation at NetBase Live NYC 

And Christa Conte, SVP & Head of Digital Commerce, NA, Hotwire Global, spoke to the high-stakes era we live in today and why marketers must be prepared for anything at any time:

Hotwire Global sharing crisis tips at NetBase LIVE NYC

The lunch break offered a time to network, as well as refuel:

lunch break

Afternoon Insight

Adam Khan, VP and Ryan Rasmussen, VP of Wells Fargo presented on the importance of Growing A Social Listening Center Of Excellence. And “…If you’re not using #NetBase email alerts you are missing out on critical social data…” as it’s key to be proactive instead of reactive in today’s digital environment.

Wells Fargo on growing a social listening excellence capability at NetBase LIVE NYC

Followed by Shelina Taki, Director of Strategic Intelligence at We Are Third Ear sharing insight around the importance of understanding relevant trends, particularly sports – and specifically, soccer:

We Are Third Ear on adopting soccer in America

Michael Leis, Chief Content Strategy Officer, of Digitas Health shared strategy and examples of how brands tell stories worth sharing. There were tips around how to move from the margins of experience to the center of the stream.

Digitas Health shares stories about stories at NetBase LIVE NYC

Razi Imam, Founder, CEO, 113 Industries and Pamela Mittoo, Manager, Technical Consumer Research, The Coca-Cola Company presented on “How to Understand Consumers in 200 Countries” They shared real examples of how they use NetBase and other technologies to support companies like Coca Cola, Hershey, P&G, and Clorox to determine their next $100M product idea, new brand position, and messaging based on sales channels – and so much more. “Customers are talking and we have the opportunity to provide things they’re looking for.”

113 Industries and Coca Cola on how to find that next 100 million dollar idea

Customer Success Booth Breaks!

No wrap-up of the day would be complete without mentioning our amazing Customer Success booth, which is always a hit with attendees:

NetBase LIVE success booth

And not just because some of them won Apple Airpods!

Participants at NetBase LIVE NYC winning Apple Airpods

After the break, it was a pleasure to have Will Sandwick, Chief Data Officer, WundermanThompson present his firm’s findings that helped them calculate a flu score, connect to a media plan and ultimately raise GSK Theraflu brand awareness. And increase sales!

WundermanThompson presents its findings that helped them calculate a flu score, connect to a media plan and ultimately raise GSK Theraflu brand awareness

Bradley Engle, Senior Digital Director, and Chris Durlak, Managing Director, Purple Strategies demonstrated how to build an integrated approach to your research methodology to empower smarter strategic decision making.

Purple Strategies demonstrated how to build an integrated approach to your research methodology to empower smarter strategic decision making

And our last presentation of the day, we had Mallory O’Brien, Associate Manager, Social Listening & Engagement, Colgate-Palmolive and Kiley Robbins, Manager, Global Analytics, Advertising & Digital Products, Relevant Sports sharing best practices for social media teams of any size. And which insight will really empower and impact the entire organization.

last presentation offered best practices for social media teams of any size

Today – Even More!

Day Two at NetBase LIVE is when we have all hands on deck (literally) for workshops that have seasoned analysts and newbies alike leaving with endless ideas to create successful campaigns.

There are tactical presentations where attendees explore insight to attain next-level consumer experience understanding. It’s where we demonstrate and help participants smash that social analytics learning curve!

We offer three options: an introductory, manager and a master track. They’re always enthusiastically – and gratefully – received! We enjoy these sessions a lot.

We offer three options- an introductory, manager and a master track

If you didn’t make it to L.A. or New York this time around, be sure to get NetBase LIVE on your calendar for next year. It’s super easy to justify as part of your marketing budget – as part of your business budget actually, as it affects and should inform all parts of your business.

Reach out and we’ll show you how that looks and how fast you can start strategizing from social analytics data.

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