Just as we do every October, after wrapping up a successful event on the West Coast we headed east for NetBase LIVE NY. The energy of the city and the crowd of brands, agencies, and social analytics enthusiasts was palpable as we settled in to The New Yorker, A Wyndham Hotel for the second half of our October tour.

Here’s a rundown of NetBase LIVE NY highlights:

DAY ONE – It’s About Sharing Knowledge

People were excited to be there, and to share their knowledge over the next two days – like the International Peace Institute’s Hillary Saviello:

We know exactly how the IPI uses NetBase to promote their efforts without a marketing budget, and love that they were able to join us for our New York event.

Some people were piggy-backing on an appearance at NetBase LIVE LA – and that much more excited for all that was in store:

We started the conference with our All-Star Academy – featuring four introductory and four master classes, so NetBase users at every level could kick their analytics up a notch.

Introductory classes like Insights & Driving Action: Dashboard Templates and Executive Presentation Tips and Putting Social into Action: Best Practices, along with master classes like Fuel Customer Driven Innovation: Surface Unmet Needs Using Category and Competitive Analyses and Monetize Social Analytics: Improve Program Measurement & Governance gave all users the skills to find deeper insights than ever.

Scott Cohen leading the Introductory Class: Tips & Tricks for Analysis: Analytics Capabilities that Connect Social Insights with Organizational Goals

Ted Rubin Inspires with Awesome Keynote

After fueling up with an amazing lunch…

Ted Rubin, Social Marketing Strategist, CMO of Photofy took the stage for a brilliant and tweet storm-inspiring keynote, Build Greater Intimacy with Clients and Profit from ROR: Return on Relationship.

Here are a few takeaways, as shared by those in attendance:


Customer Brands and Agencies Share Their Stories

Over the next 48 hours, we heard from a dazzling array of brands and agencies that use NetBase to power their initiatives.

Anatomy of a True Insight

Always a highlight of any event, Razi Imam, Founder, CEO and Anupam Singh, Founder, President of 113 Industries shared the stage for their presentation. They use NetBase along with IBM Watson and other AI technologies to understand exactly why consumers do what they do – and they shared their expertise with the audience at NetBase LIVE NY.

Syncing Content with Purpose

Could there be a better brand to talk about content than BuzzFeed? Olivia Sohn, Manager, Research Insights & Analytics delivered a great presentation – pulling out a familiar social icon to make her point about social users craving collective experiences.

State of the (NetBase) Business at Western Union

Led by Evan Escobedo, Global Lead – Social Listening, Analytics and Insight, Western Union, This session illustrated how Western Union uses social analytics across their organization, to build their brand as well as to engage customers.


Using Social Listening to Connect Passionate Fans with Powerful Brand Experiences

Next up, GMR Marketing Associate Strategist, Digital Evan Nickel talked about using social analytics to create lasting connections with passionate fan bases. For any brand that’s ever wanted to take advantage of events like the Super Bowl, the Grammys, and more, this was the presentation to catch.

Fully Understand Social Conversations and Drive Your Business with Demonstrable ROI

You can’t grow your business unless you know which efforts are having an impact and which aren’t. Dhara Naik, Social Media Strategy Lead, AbelsonTaylor shared 8 simple rules for showing ROI through social listening and driving business results.

Building an Integrated Insights Model: How Social Listening Can Help Power Business Decisions

Integrating data is the only way to gain a truly accurate picture of audience perception. Brad Engle, Senior Marketing Director, Purple Strategies explained why – and how to bring insights into one place.

Listen, Engage and Succeed – Finding conversations that matter

We wrapped Day One with an amazing panel of women who share expertise on how to find the conversations that are most important to brand and business objectives.

Meredith Kinsman, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Octagon; Hillary Saviello, Social Media Officer, International Peace Institute; Maritza Moreno, Sr. Digital/Social Analyst, The Marketing Arm; and Mary Smith, Digital Marketing Analyst, The Marketing Arm brought their A games and rocked the house.

The day concluded with Happy Hour on the Mezzanine before everyone went to decompress for a jam-packed second day.

DAY 2 – Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

We started Day 2 reveling in amazing moments of the conference so far…

And secrets revealed on Day 1…

As well as enjoying a yummy breakfast…

The NetBase Roadmap – Skating to Where the Puck Is

NetBase CEO Peter Caswell set us off on the right foot with a talk on where social analytics is headed, and how NetBase is keeping pace with the journey.




And then it was time to hear about more brand and agency success stories!

The Social Circle of Life with ESPN

Cary Meyers, SVP, Fan & Media Intelligence ESPN sat down with Paige Leidig, CMO, NetBase for an enlightening one-on-one about all the ways ESPN used social intelligence in their organization.


Managing “Oh $%!#” Social Media Moments

Social media crises may not be funny, but that didn’t stop Brandon Chesnutt, VP, Director of Digital & Development, Identity PR from using humor to get his point across. And offering reassurance that there are ways to anticipate – and survive – such events through social listening.


Connect Your Tribe Through Storytelling

Shannon Truax, VP, Brand Social GoDaddy knows the value of storytelling – and she shared it with everyone present. It’s about creating the highest impact through quality communication with your audience – which makes all the difference.

Emojis and #Hashtags Are the Future of Market Research: The Top 5 Ways NetBase’s Indexing Functionality Will Change Your Research Approach

If you’ve ever thought hashtags and emojis were no big deal, George Potts, Founder & President, Fifth Influence, was in New York to prove you wrong. Being able to index information properly, to understand audience segments and their respective desires, is everything.

Extend the Value of Social Insights Throughout Your Organization with NetBase Pro

Not everyone in your company can be a social analyst – but NetBase Pro will make them feel like one. And keep them in the social analytics loop – instead of out in left field. Mike Baglietto, Director of Product Marketing, NetBase ran us through a demo.

Unlocking the Why Behind the What: Driving Actionable Insights in Local Markets

Andrew Brown, VP, Insights, Global Operations, H&L Partners shared how to put social analytics to work using geographic insights to drive local market results.

Determining the Impact of Brand Messaging on the Social Media Community: A Case Study of Vodafone’s #Sleeplikeahero Campaign

EJ Kim, VP Head of Strategy & Insights, Global Operations, Text 100 walked us through the difference between the brand and consumer perspectives on social messaging – using client Vodafone as an example.

Predicting the Future with Online & Offline Social Data

Brad Fay, Chief Commercial Officer, Engagement Labs offered up insights on how social data from both online and offline sources can be used as a crystal ball to predict future trends – and keep your brand out in front.

Content to Consulting: Using Social Listening Across the Organization

From pitch to partnership, social listening should guide your efforts. Rob Marcantonio, Assoc. Director, Creative Insights & Strategy, Meredith Corp explained how.

Story Telling with Social Intelligence: Shaping Your Brand’s Engagement with Social Media Influencers and Trends

The power of stories can’t be overstated. Ted Tagalakis, VP, Social Media, Intermark Group touched back on this topic to share how creating stories impacts engagement through influencers and trends.

And then he paired up with Ted Rubin to show off his NetBase LIVE socks:

A tale of two Teds… and their commemorative socks

Developing a Social Savvy Organization

Our last panel of the event featured Veronica Mingrone, Senior Analyst, MRY; Nina Spezzaferro, Vice President, Digital Strategy, Rubenstein; Kris Maccini, Global Director, Social Strategy, MetLife; and Bryan Pedersen, SVP & Partner, FleishmanHillard. They talked about how to create an organization that is social savvy across the board – and why you should.

With that, a few last words from Paige Leidig, CMO, NetBase, and one last Happy Hour to chat up new and old friends, another NetBase LIVE NY was in the books!

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